Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Let’s go back to last Wednesday, o.k.?  Our German cousin (husband’s first cousin’s son) Max, who is 22, arrived.  He is a filmmaker and between gigs in D.C. and Detroit so he asked to come stay with us for the 2 weeks in between.  We know him pretty well. We met him in Germany when he was 4, his family came here when he was 12, he came by himself when he was 15, and we went there when he was 19.  Did you get all that?  

Thursday after school I took him to get his cell phone working here and we popped into Liquor Barn next door and did a bourbon tasting – of only one bourbon but we did it!  

Then, we all met up at the Mexican restaurant because what is more American, right?  

Saturday morning I tried the cold brew pumpkin and I’m not a fan.  I think pumpkin works better with heat – I’m sticking with the PSL! 


I was very happy to finally organize my “china cabinet” built into my dining room.  I created a mini “bar cart” on the bottom.  I would love to really have a bar cart but it doesn’t make much sense right now with the house in a state of chaos with the renovation.  

Then, we watched a noon game and were slugs until almost 4:00.  Noon games not good.  

Did you see my game snacks yesterday here?  They can be a meal and there is a crockpot recipe for you, too, so check it out.  I turned the leftover “totchos” into a breakfast casserole the next morning and I will give you the recipe soon!

Around 4:30 we took Max shopping for some clothing he needed for Detroit.  Then, we went home and ate the crockpot stuff along with baked salmon and rolls and around 7 we went to Captain’s Quarters to hear some music.  The weather was perfect.  

And, Sunday, we were lucky to have our boat running again.  We went out from about 10:30-2 and showed Max the city from the river and tooled around a bit and then had brunch/lunch at CQ.  

I got salad and spinach queso to share.  

Max ordered the hot brown!  

Later Sunday afternoon we took one boy to shop for used books and records.  

And, the boys and I stayed home while hub and Max went to a baseball game.  A friend had given us two tickets and we could’ve bought more, but the boys and I were worn out from the first three weeks of school.  I know it sounds lame, but it really is true.  It’s a big adjustment.      So one son and I watched Big Brother and I think there was a bit of homework done.  


Monday was the day for all of the errands and I decorated for fall (coming soon!).  I woke up not feeling great.  I seem to suffer more from fall allergies than spring ones.  And, I had some school work to do.  Even though it’s a short week it will be a busy one.  I also made pulled pork in the crockpot (recipe coming soon!) for dinner.  

How was your long weekend?  I hope it was great and as always, thanks for visiting me!


6 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap!

  1. I did not know that you all were going to have a visitor. It is always fun to show someone around our lovely city, don’t you think? We need to get together soon. I would like for us to try the new restaurant, Noche, sometime soon.

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