Thursday, August 29, 2019

I’ve got some quirks, I will admit.  One of my quirks pertains to seasonal themes.  I full embraced summer and had all things citrus – lemon hand soap, sun washed citrus candles and wallflowers.  I made lemon bars,  I made lots of cucumber and tomato dishes.  I bought watermelon and corn.  It’s now time for a seasonal change as we head into September!  

So, I will dedicate the month of September to all things APPLE.  I have been doing this for the last several years!

October is for pumpkin!

December is for peppermint and peppermint mocha!  

So, back to September.  I plan to try these wallflowers from Bath and Body.  



In late September, maybe I will allow pumpkin to combo with my apple?


And, I will enjoy lighting my candle with my morning coffee or on my patio.  img_8847.png


One of the best and easiest apple recipes is this Heath dip.  I like it with green apples.  You buy a tub of caramel and then top with Heath pieces.  It’s very low cal – not.  


This recipe is coming soon.  I have the ingredients and I will be making it this weekend! img_8849.png

And, I will be embracing apple drinks!  Another recipe I will bring you soon is my apple cider sangria! img_8851.png

Do you enjoy apple scents and recipes?  It also works for back to school as we see apple themes everywhere!

Did you hear that Starbuck’s pumpkin spice came out this week?  I will try to resist but I probably won’t make it to October.  



6 thoughts on “September is for all things apples!

  1. That caramel apple dip is BOMB! To hell with the apples…just gimme a spoon!!!

    Apple cider and caramel vodka. And by apple cider, I mean Angry Orchard. lol…wheeee!!!


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