Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hello all!  I have a few school outfits for you, a weekend outfit, my Walmart intel, and a nail report!  What more could you ask for?  

This was an easy outfit of black Matilda Janes and my new fruit blouse from the summer.  


These are my trusty Chico’s pants, my Old Navy butterfly blouse and a consignment cardigan.  I just had the pants reinforced by my tailor because the seams were wearing out!  That $10 I spent on these 6 years ago has paid off!  

Saturday night outfit – Amazon cactus top I had hemmed and Old Navy jeans that I frayed myself (you can’t see them hems in this photo, though).

TJ Maxx top and Matilda Jane pants.

I wanted to show you my co-worker’s swing dress and kimono.  It looks so pulled together yet feels like pajamas.

Here are some blouses at a good price point from my Walmart trip this past weekend.  They are a little scratchy and I think they will remain wrinkly, though.  

These were flannel tunics and I really wanted one but  made myself wait.  They were soft.  

This is what I went to look for.  I bought the one on the right even though I think I like the one on the left better.  My decision came down to what I had that would work with it in my closet.  

I will be wearing a cardigan over it, but I think this works for those in a hot climate.  It has fall colors but will help you stay cool.  img_8828.jpg

Today is 3 weeks with my light pink dip nail polish manicure.  I want to go back within the next few days and this is what I might change to below…it won’t be exact because these aren’t dip photos.

I like this blue/grey for end of summer into early fall.


A little bit lighter…img_8840

And, then more in the grey/lavender family…img_8841.png

Which one is your favorite polish color?  

Any favorite outfit?  

What do you think of the Walmart clothing I showed?  

I’m so tired of my summer clothes!  I know it’s too early to break out the fall stuff, but I feel like I’ve been wearing the same stuff since April of last year – because I have!  Ha!  Are you the same?

Thanks for reading,


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on the Walmart clothing. I do believe regional stores carry different products, and I think a lot of things other bloggers are showing have to be ordered online. I’ve also noticed the Walmart website seems to have clothing from lots of other retailers or brands, so I’m not sure every single thing bloggers are showing is an actual Walmart produced product if that makes sense. Maybe you can do some online research and give us the scoop! The clothes look cute so it would be interesting to know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very good point! I have had a bad experience trying to return their clothing so I hesitate. I like to feel things and see in person. But you make a good point – I believe they have collaborations with more quality clothing companies. Thank you for your input!


  2. Love those nail polish colors you shared, I have never worn a blue/grey color but I like it! I really like your 2nd outfit – those Chico’s pants were well worth the $10!
    We’re on hurricane watch over here – no fun!


    1. Thank you! The second outfit is the most flattering. I almost didn’t show all of them but trying to keep it real. This is what I really wear. I think those nail colors would look great on you – I love your current Kentucky blue! Lol!


      1. My tips are naked 99% of the time. I don’t have the time or patience to mess with them, and it’s one of those things I do not like to spend money on. But I see pics like these and reconsider…


      2. I really like having polished nails and I don’t spend much on beauty treatments – just get my hair done once every 3 months. You should treat yourself sometime and see what you think. If you start with naked nails the dip
        takes about 30 minutes.


  3. I have a nail appointment later this morning and pulled out my grey/lavender color, great minds think alike! I like outfit #2 the best, the sweater really makes it pop!

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  4. That butterfly outfit looks GREAT on you! I think it’s the slimmer leg pant.
    I am dip crazy! I have been getting it done for over a year. I love my girl/salon I go to. I get an actual manicure with every dip change!!!(It’s included) I just switched from my summer pinks to a mauve/grey with a little sparkle.

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    1. Thank you! I’m still working on learning proportions and it’s amazing with that and probably camera angle how different one can look from outfit to outfit. Mauve grey might be what I get! I think I’m going to do it for awhile. It has made me happy for my nails to look nice for more than 2 days and it’s so shiny which I love!


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