Friday, August 30, 2019

It has been a long week, people!  Do you agree?  I am looking forward to a three day weekend ahead.  Linking up with Andrea, etc. right here!

Last weekend I went into Homegoods just for fun.  I feel that I am not ready to decorate or look for decor for my addition quite yet, but I found this cute utensil holder.  We have been struggling to fit our stuff in a smaller vessel so this has doubled our space and been very nice this week.  It was only $7!  

I cannot wait to get some mums!  They just scream fall to me.  I resisted but plan to do this in September.  

I loved this quote and I think many of us are ready for fall this year!

I’m hoping the brick is finished by the time I get home from school today!  

Last weekend I made these lemon bars to take to the outdoor concert.  You cannot go wrong with this brand – Krusteaz!  All of their mixes taste like homemade or better than homemade!

I have  been looking for this product and it was not on the shelves at my Kroger.  I did find it at Walmart last weekend.  

I thought it would be good to put on desserts or on top of an afternoon coffee?  

Target Universal Thread does it again. I rarely buy Target shoes but I was desperate. These are a perfect fall transition shoe and they are teacher approved.

What made you happy this week?  

Have a wonderful long weekend!  


15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Just added mums to my shopping list for next week. I tried to get them in Colorado one year and LOLOL. It’s waaaay too hot there for mums to survive.
    I just got some Universal Thread sneakers. That brand, so far, hasn’t let me down.

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    1. I love the yellow ones the best! It’s a great brand – very happy with everything by that brand that I have. Have you gone on website and just filtered by that brand? It’s tempting!


  2. The mums look beautiful – why do you wait to buy them? We have them here too, I might buy some for the cabin!
    Your house looks fantastic! I really like the bricks and the doors and windows!
    Well, the week was fine, but I’m SO busy! Everything starts with a bang, and for us teachers it’s double up – parents’ meeting both in school and with your own kids, planning, organizing, well you know! I try to make time to read your blog, sorry for not commenting more!
    / your friend in Sweden 😀

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    1. I just want to wait until after this weekend which is still summer! I don’t know, though. I have time this weekend with three days off. Thank you – the house is moving slowly but I’m too busy with school to think much about it. I know – being a teacher and a parent is intense!
      I have been missing my Tin-Tin but I’m the same! I have not had much time to comment either.
      Hope you have had a good start! I already know 150 first and last names and their Spanish names so that is a win!


      1. Any mums yet!? I tried to make cuttings from my rhododendron (is that how you say it?) and plant new ones, hopefully they will grow. I’m really bad at gardening…
        150 names!? That’s insane! I rarely know the last name of my students… Since I teach English I try to anglofy my students’ names, like “Eric” is different from “Erik” – students seem to appreciate that, since everything English is cool…!
        Thanks for missing my comments (!), next week I will be better!

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      2. Not yet!
        I’m good with names and I insist that they have a Spanish name – they get to pick but I try to talk them into the equivalent – John = Juan, etc!


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