Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Have you all heard of Fashom?  It’s a styling service like Stitch Fix.  I have done Stitch Fix five or so times.  I did get maybe 2-3 nice pieces out of it but I found it hard for sizing and price point that I’m comfortable with spending.  I do know people who love these services and find great things this way.  I personally love the hunt so a styling service is not something that I really want in my life.  

I would say Fashom is a lower quality and price point service than SF.  By the way, Fashom does not know I’m writing this and I paid my $15 like everyone else!  

First, let’s start with the name “Fashom”.  When I say it I feel like I’m trying to say “fashion” but have a hunk of food in my cheek or something.  Does it mean something that I’m not aware of?  



The website/profile was very user friendly.  My stylist also took the time to look at my blog Wednesday posts to see my style.  She then sent me pictures of 7 items and I was to pick 5.  I told her I didn’t like 3 of them so she sent me some alternatives for those 3 and then I picked my 5 items.  

It arrived in a really small box and it took about 8 days from the time I filled out my profile until my box arrived.  

You get an envelope with your items and prices and a mailer to return items you don’t want to keep.  And, they called me “Beautiful” so that was nice – lol!  

As you can see, the prices are reasonable.  I like the discount and the charitable giving aspect.  If you buy all of the items they give money to an animal rescue organization.  img_8527.jpg

First was a hot pink blouse.  I loved the color but it didn’t fit me the way I would’ve liked and it’s not a material I would be drawn to. I think it wrinkles very easily and it is very thin.   

Next was a floral but the material was very polyester and it was clingy in all the wrong places.  

I was most excited about this white boho but it was short and I don’t think I’m long waisted!  The holes showed my stomach.  No thanks!  

This was a navy blue dress with lacing at the top.  The lacing was out of control (I don’t think it would have stayed the way it was meant to) and the dress was very polyester.  

This dress was made out of a very soft sweatshirt material.  I think I would’ve been sweating something fierce.  And, it was probably two sizes too big.  

No, you don’t get to see pictures because trust me, you don’t want to see them.  I sent everything back because I would rather lose $15 than pay $46 (the item I liked the most) for something to hang in my closet and not get worn.  

I put everything in the mailer and took to my UPS store.  

I think the biggest issues for me were the materials that my items were made of and the sizing.  Some items were huge and some were way too small.  

But, the service was great and I’m sure I could give this feedback to my stylist and get a better one next time but I just don’t have time to take the gamble and make another errand for myself right now.  It may be a great thing for you to try; I don’t want to deter you.  

Let me know if you’ve tried it or plan to!  


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