Monday,  August 19, 2019

How was your weekend?  Mine was the perfect first weekend after starting school – a good mix of down time, fun time, and productivity.  I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here to see some more weekend posts.  

I am a little nervous going into my first five day week with students and know I will be exhausted by the end of it.  My strategy is to take it one day at a time and employ my weekly routines both at school and at home.  I will save those for maybe a future post – it’s kind of boring!  

So, Friday after school I came home and rested for a couple of hours but our friends asked us to meet up at a barbecue restaurant so hub came from work and I met him there.  We had some time to catch up before our friends came.  I tried a draft beer.  

We sat on the cute enclosed patio.  

We had brisket fries as a starter.  Then, our friends came and I forgot to take more photos!  We stayed until about 8 and brought food home for our boys.  They were very happy to be home and catch up.  This is the first year of high school that they don’t have any classes together.  

I watched some t.v. with one boy and went to bed.  I slept great Thursday-Saturday nights after not sleeping well the first two nights of school.  

Saturday morning I slept in until 6!  Ha!  I relaxed and read and drank coffee and then tackled Trader Joe’s.  I thought I would simply show you a photo of what I bought.  

We had a plumber come to work on our addition and I made the boys some food, did laundry, piddled around the house, stuff like that.  

Then around 2:00 I went to the mall and walked in to a fall fantasy at Anthropologie.  Capri Blue has a new pumpkin clove candle – OMG!  

I never buy anything there but I like to look!

I was on a mission:  I bought a half price pair of Danskos for school at The Walking Company and got a 10 minute neck massage.  I still wasn’t happy with my selection of “school” shoes.  

Some Fall catalogs came in the mail.  I only get a few catalogs these days.  I get so excited to see the Fall stuff!  

We ordered the boys a pizza and we went to an art gallery/music show for a bit that hub had been invited to through work.  

Then went to a new diner owned by someone we know.  

Sunday I finished the tiny bits left of these two books – highly recommend both.  

And, I started a new one – very cute so far.  It’s better than the cover makes it look – I swear!  

And, the boys had wanted to wait until they got their senior syllabi to do their shopping so we went Sunday.  They let me take photos because I said it was their last time.  

I prepped my breakfasts for the week.  I have talked about this many times but it’s a low carb egg casserole, zucchini, and turkey sausage.  

I forgot to mention I also worked on school work for a couple of hours both days!  It’s necessary at the beginning of the year.  

What did you do?  I hope you enjoyed it!  


8 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You always have the best weekends Amy! Those brisket fries look yummy and that new Capri Blue candle? Sounds so good! This weekend was a rough one without the boys – I miss them but what I really miss is my dog sleeping late with them! She had me up early both days – argh!!!


    1. Thank you! The fries were decadent! That’s so funny about your dog – the whole family goes through a transition! I’m sure you miss them. I still can’t really think about it. Hope you had a good day!


  2. I went to Target yesterday and there were a LOT of crying kids and frustrated parents in the school supplies aisles. I kind of wanted to laugh. School hasn’t started here yet. I think it’s later this week.


    1. Oh man! That sounds horrible. We always went before the crowds and it was really fun. I gave them each their own list and they had to check off items.


  3. Wow my hubby would be all over those brisket fries!!! My mom received the fall Anthro candle as a gift and it smells so nice!!!! Makes me want fall to come faster! I hope you have an awesome first week back with students!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were good! Oh yes – Texans and brisket, right?
      She got the candle? That’s awesome! I’m so cheap it will be hard to buy myself. The Christmas Fir tree one is amazing too. Basically Capri Blue can do no wrong.
      Thank you and hope your job is going well, too!


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