Friday, August 16, 2019

Fridays mean more now that school has started!  Today I will be linking up with Andrea, etc. at Momfessionals per usual so go here!  

Here are some things that made me happy this week!

First, my fun colors and patterns in my closet.  I’m just not a neutral girl.  This makes me happy.  I’m actually enjoying dressing again!  

Things got real for my senior twin boys when they went to get yearbook tux photos taken.  This is all I could sneak without being that crazy mom!  

I love my new reading glasses from Whole Foods!  What?  You don’t buy glasses at Whole Foods?  

I had some fun on the first day of school!  Wow – I am OLD! 

They sort of humored me.  This is a re-creation of their first day of kindergarten positions!  

Back to school means teacher meetings and our PTA fed us.  I tried the Fruity Pebbles donut because I’m a child!  

Our department got to go out to lunch at Noosh Nosh.  

These are pizza paddles painted (say that three times fast!) and on the wall at the restaurant – so pretty!  

And, I will leave you with some funnies.  I asked what I needed to know about them to teach them.  

Hope you had a great week and take advantage of the weekend!  


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – First week of school Edition

  1. I love that “I’m sometimes grumpy!” that’s priceless. I too tend to have lots of colors in my closet and am not much of a neutral fan.


    1. Bittersweet! Both of mine will graduate at once and be gone at once! Great idea! Wish I had started at year one to see how much this job has aged me!


  2. That’s hilarious, thanks for sharing!
    I was really happy to meet my colleagues and see our new temporary school, it will be a great year! I don’t meet students until Wednesday, I look forward to it!
    Are you ok with school starting? Year 26, wow! I started teaching when I was a bit older (hmph) so I’m on year 12…


    1. Kids are funny! I’m glad you like your colleagues and temporary school!
      We had a smooth start and I think I will like my students! I started at the way too young age of 22!


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