Thursday, August 15, 2019

Do you enjoy margaritas?  Do you enjoy paying $10 for one?  Of course you don’t! 

Let’s make an easy and low cal one at home – on the rocks. 

You know what – I often think a restaurant margarita is too sweet and I truly prefer this recipe!  Hope you enjoy it, too!  

Get your favorite glass (I really like my stemless wine glass with Kentucky etched on it), your favorite tequila (this white is from Trader Joe’s and I think it’s pretty good), some true lemon or a Crystal light lemonade stick, a slice of lime, and a can of Fresca – Allow me to sing the praises of Fresca!  It works well in so many cocktails.  I don’t drink soft drinks but I do use a couple for my recipes.  

Put your lemon powder in and add a shot of tequila, stir, add your lime and squeeze it in first if you’d like, then top with your Fresca.  I only use about 1/3 of the can.  You can add more lemon to your liking or more Fresca to your liking.  YOu may be surprised about the lemon rather than lime, but it really works in this recipe in my opinion.  

Take outside to enjoy while your dog sniffs around for 10 minutes until he can find just the right spot.  

TGIF tomorrow!  


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