Friday, August 9, 2019

Happy Friday! Linking up with Andrea etc. at Momfessionals today!

Here are my faves from the week – my last week of summer!

I made my instant coffee/Premier vanilla protein shake in my resusable cup several times this week!  And, I bought the Skinny Pop white cheddar in individual bags and that helped with portion control!  Try the Skinny Pop White Cheddar if you haven’t already!  

This Truly lemon is really good!  Truly is my favorite brand of spiked seltzers which seem to be all the rage right now.  I love the rose, too.  I do think you have to like sparkling water to like these, though, FYI.  

I finished this book over the weekend but it was a favorite!  

I finished this book on Monday and it was so cute!  If I’m into a book I read super fast!  

Remember when I told you about the Bath and Body sun washed citrus wallflower plug in that is a dupe for Capri Blue Volcano scent?  I bought myself a car one, too.  Sun washed citrus is everywhere!  I’m putting it into my classroom before it’s socially acceptable to start using fall scents, too.  

I started this book at my husband’s suggestion.  It is so funny and so poignant.  If you are a dog lover or if you want to be as happy as you possibly can, pick this up.  This book reminds me of why I love these Friday posts – I collect things all week long that make me smile or make my life more enriched.  I truly believe in getting excited about the little things in life.  I try really hard not to be too negative or cynical.  


I picked this up to take on the boat and they are so good.  I can see these as part of a dessert tray.  They have just the perfect amount of lemon.  img_8442

I took just one son who wanted/needed a haircut to his hair place this week.  (In 16 years this was the first time they both didn’t get a hair cut at the same time!)  The hair place used to have Jolly Ranchers on the counter and maybe they’ve had this type before – but this was my Dad’s mint of choice – the Lifesavers Wint-o-green.  He kept a bowl in his basement and my boys would stuff their pockets with them when they were little and they called them “Grandpa Mints”.  This simple bowl of mints at the hair place made me smile.  I’m getting more to the stage of smiling rather than tearing up when these things occur.  


I decided to get my second dip nail manicure ever this week. I went with a pink because most of my beginning of school clothes are bright and summery. I’m hoping this will last me 3-4 weeks and save me some time at this busy time of year!

How was your week?  What made you smile?  

See you back here on Monday I hope!


22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. “Last week of summer”!? No! Let’s still enjoy it, even if we work! A normal year in Sweden will be quite warm until the middle of September. No socks before October!
    I so agree with you – let the small things make you smile and try to be positive! It’s all in the mind, right!?
    How clever to choose nail color depending on outfits the first week!
    Things that made me smile this week was: childhood pictures of me, daughters playing with make up (those brows!), a perfect cheesecake at a coffeeplace a rainy day… Life is good!


    1. I will still read outside after school and boat on weekends, look for outdoor concerts, eat on patios, etc. but when school starts it feels like summer is over. Fall is some of our best weather and there are so many festivals and fun things. So, I agree with you! I will still look for fun! Sounds like you had a good week. I love your positivity and I try to be positive as well! You should read the book I recommended – it’s so good and really funny!


      1. I will absolutely read the book you recommend, I’m just waiting for the paperback…!
        I’m jealous of your warm fall, hopefully we’ll get one too. August is terrible this year, but I hope for better weather. At least I don’t miss the boat! ;-D
        Funny thing; I just read the text on my daughters sweater – Kentucky Illinois! Strange, it’s bought in Sweden and it’s a Spanish brand :-D.


      2. I hope you like the book! That’s funny about her sweater! I’m sorry you are already in “sweater weather”!


  2. I am anxious to get to the point where I smile rather than tear up when I see reminders of my dad. Ugh. I’m laughing a bit because you mentioned that Sun Washed Citrus to day and so did I – darn it’s so good!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. I know – but my friend who lost her Dad three years ago and I were talking and we both teared up so it won’t be every time and we will always still get emotional. In some ways I miss him more because it’s been longer. It’s so hard.
      Just read your post! Sun washed citrus is just so good. I’m loving the car clip. Happy weekend to you!

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  3. I am a dip devotee!!! Mine usually only last a little over 2 weeks. Once it grows out and starts to pull my hair when I wash it, that’s it!! Good luck on a new school year.


    1. That’s how I was with the gel! My nails would grow fast and then start to bug me. I really think I’m going to prefer dip. It was nice not needing the lamp and it seemed faster! Thank you – I need it!


  4. Love that pink polish on you!! My Junior in high school is NOT excited about starting Wednesday. My sophomore in college IS excited about going back! I just got a job as a school RN. Before I knew what our dress code was, I was thinking I was going to need your help in what to wear!! But, thankfully, I get to wear scrubs.


    1. Thank you! Junior year is a tough one. We start Wednesday, too. I was always ready to get back to college! Congrats on your new job! I really believe in having school nurses but we don’t have one. We have a former nurse turned PE teacher that gets called often! That’s nice that you can wear scrubs. Saves money for your weekend wear! Hope you had a great summer Laura!


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