Wednesday, July 3, 2019

You guys, Steinmart is really becoming a favorite clothing store of mine lately.  While the prices are a bit higher than a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or a Ross, I think they have some fantastic sales and maybe a bit higher quality.  I have really become a better shopper and made more thoughtful purchases so for that reason, I didn’t need a lot for summer and I really am trying not to shop out of boredom or as a hobby.  So, I believe this was my only shopping spree of the summer thus far! 

First I picked up this basic hot pink tee.  I have a lot of patterned bottoms and wanted pink and yellow plain tops.  This brand is Cha Cha Vente which is a pretty trendy brand but with decent quality.  This was around $15.  The sleeve has a cute detail and the bottom is scooped.  


I just fell in love with this lemon and orange print below.  This was a bit pricier at $29 but I loved the style and the print so much!  I have already worn this several times.  I wore this with black linen shorts and black sandals to hear the band on Saturday night.  


This print on this linen skirt, you guys!  It has pockets and a cute undone hem. I like the fact that is has black in it because I have a couple of plain black summer tops.  This was $24.  I wore this to run to the mall Thursday.  img_7407.jpg

And finally, for only $15, I have worn these the most of all four items.  They don’t look like much but they are kind of a denim dupe, extremely light weight material with the cutest ties at the bottom that stay tied pretty well, by the way.  I just don’t wear jeans in the summer.  It’s too hot.  I sometimes wear white jeans if it is cooler than 90 degrees. This is a good way around that. I’m super happy with this purchase.  I actually thought about going back for another pair and I don’t do that very often.  


So, I don’t have links for you but they do have a website.  If you have a Steinmart, check it out!  They are having a July 4th sale, too, by the way!  

And guess what? I have zero outfit photos for you this week. Just picture me wearing the above items as I described and forgive me for being a lazy summer blogger!  

I do have my boating chic outfit on below.  When our plans got thwarted for boating on Sunday we detoured to Captain’s Quarters which is a restaurant/entertainment venue where boats can pull up and order or you can just go by car.  It’s on the river but a good distance from our downtown and it really has a bit of a resort feel to it.  I wore my last year’s Target cover up, my Crocs, old Ray Bans and my hair up.  

Hub doesn’t know how to smile for photos but I thought he looked kinda good and he agreed to a photo!  He loves his Keens, Freefly brand shorts, and his bucket hat!  

What have you been wearing this week? Any recent wardrobe additions?  The summer stuff is going to start going on major sale now!  I heard that one of my favorite consignment stores, Sassy Fox, is having their summer stuff on sale starting the day after Independence Day and they are accepting fall clothes very soon!  NO!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Shop with Me at Steinmart and What I Wore

    1. Thank you! I think that’s my favorite, too, because of the pattern. It’s so bold and cheerful! Have a great day!


    1. I do tend to forget about it! It’s kinda out of my normal routes. I’ve been so pleased lately, though! Thank you!


  1. Nice clothes, they will work perfectly with your wardrobe! No Steinmart around here… I wear a lot more colorful clothes here than what I wear at home, yesterday I wore a cerise dress that looks perfect here but absolutely not at home. Isn’t that strange? We went to Bass Pro yesterday (fantastic store) and I bought a t-shirt from Natural Reflections with the text Stars and Spirit – perfect for tomorrow!


    1. Thank you! I love colorful clothes but that makes sense. Bass Pro is pretty interesting! I’ve never heard of that brand but I’m sure it will be cute! Everyone will think you are from here!


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