Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Do you make a summer list?  I think it’s a good idea to make one to keep yourself accountable and to eek the most fun and productivity out of your summer.  I also like to make a seasonal or monthly list for the same reasons.  


Celebrate end of my twin boys’ junior year

Celebrate my 25th year

Celebrate my husband’s birthday and father’s day

Use my salt cave gift card for some halotherapy

Get regular 10 minute shoulder and neck massages

Watch Big Brother with one son

Go to my first movie alone (an afternoon matinee, preferably – Can you believe I’ve never done this?)

Take a pizza on the boat (weird, but why not?)

Host people on the boat

Read some good books – First one almost done – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens – really good!  

Declutter (especially while boys recover from wisdom teeth removal)

Meet friends for coffee, brunch, lunch, happy hour

Exercise almost every morning

Get all of my PD hours done before school starts


I’m sure I will think of more things!  





7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Make a Summer List

  1. I’m a list maker too – I feel so accomplished when I check things off! You are going to be busy my friend but you have lots of good for you things on the list so it will be well worth the effort. I have never been to a movie alone either!


    1. Love me a list! I’m sure I will think of more things to add! Would you go to a movie alone? I’m kind of excited!


  2. I was just thinking about making myself a list. I love lists! We’ve only got 95 days of Summer, I think a list is helpful to lay it all out in order to get the most out of it 🙂
    Your list sounds awesome! I love the idea of regular 10 min massages.


    1. I think lists help you to do what you want to do! They don’t make me feel stressed at all! 95 days isn’t much so I think you should! I can get these massages for $12 and a $3-4 tip and I think they really help my posture, my stress levels, and I think they are good for circulation. Now it’s just making that a priority with my time.

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      1. They totally do! 95 days of summer would make a good post too.
        Oh wow, that’s a great deal for a massage. I might look into that here- if there is such a thing! I think it’s a lovely thing to do for yourself.


      2. Haha! Great idea! It’s hard to spend money on something that feels like a luxury! It’s a place in our mall called The Relax Place.

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