Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It’s now officially summer for me, but you will still see some school outfits below because I haven’t had time to wear any summer outfits yet!  Monday was my last teacher day and I decided to do my first professional development hours on Tuesday.  And, by the time many of you read this, I will be in the oral surgeon’s office with my boys.  Yes, I decided to do their wisdom teeth surgeries back to back and on my first day off.  

So, here we go!  

This was a rainy day last week thus the garage picture.  I’m loving my new Amazon Soda black sandals.  I’m wearing my consignment Chico’s pants (yes, I wear these almost every week, they’ve been to Europe with me, and I’ve had them for maybe 6 years now and I purchased them for $10), my Loft tassel sleeveless blouse, and my TJ Maxx kimono.  One of my red earrings broke at the end of the day so I want to find another red earring.  I like how the tassel and earrings matched.  

And, the last day of school was another rainy day and I broke out my camo shirt, my brown Matilda Janes, Birkenstocks from a consignment store several years ago.  

I tried the french braid and liked it.  

That evening I changed into this to go out for Mexican.  Notice my clogs and I will talk about them in a minute.  My shirt is the Knox Rose for Target and these are my TJ Maxx wide leg denim crops.  I got each piece for around $16.  I think I need a narrower silhouette on top for these pants.  They are super comfortable, though.  
So, these were supposed to be my clogs of summer but they aren’t comfortable enough to fit the bill.  They are MIA brand Greta and I had high hopes for them.  They pinch my toes and I tried the sock stretching method to no avail.  

Now, I think I’ve found her – the MIA Susan.  I saw these in Off Broadway Shoes but they didn’t have my size.  The color, the heel, and the price were right.  I found them online at Nordstrom Rack and they took way too long to get to me, but finally arrived Monday.  But, I think they are going to be my summer clog.  

I was basically trying to find an open toe version of my beloved MIA Sofias below.  You can tell how much I wore them.  They are so stinking comfortable and that’s all a gift wants in a clog, right?  

I guess it’s the 70s girl in me that is so attached to the idea of a clog.  When I talk about comfort in a shoe, you can really trust me.  I have done the all day at school test on these.  I stand for 8 hours on hard concrete floors.  Shoe companies really should employ teachers, don’t you think?  

What have you been wearing lately?  How do you feel about clogs?  Summer clogs?  Clog sandals?  Inquiring minds want to know!


5 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and the Search for a Summer Clog!

  1. Nolan had his tonsils out yesterday so I’m in the same boat as you with kids recovering from surgery! Gotta get it done!
    I like your new open toe clogs. I have such a hard time with close toed shoes. Love your wide leg denim crops! Hope all goes well for the boys today!


    1. I was thinking about you! How did it go? I’m going to run out and get soft foods in a bit. I wore my new clogs all day yesterday and think they will work. I just can’t wear closed toes in the summer. I do fine with them in fall, winter, and spring. These were only $40 and I love the 70s vibe.


  2. I have been searching for the perfect summer shoe too. I just found a pair of Cushionaire Jolie wedges and they are amazing. I hope your boys have an easy recovery.


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