Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My photos this week are all out of order!  And, I only followed through on my weekly themes last week for three out of five days – oops!  Also, I’m enjoying taking my outfit photos at home before I leave for school and a big thanks to my son who is always ready early for being my photographer!  

Also, I want to say thank you for shopping Amber’s Etsy shop ADVdesigns.  She told me she has had several people use my coupon code.  If you are still interested search “ADVdesigns” on Etsy and check out with code “AMY20” for 20% off of her already reasonable prices!  Click here for that entire post!  The code never expires and you may need summer graduation gifts, birthday gifts, or some jewelry for yourself to match your summer color palette!  

I think this will be my top of the summer.  It’s Knox Rose from Target and I didn’t even know they still had this brand.  I ordered online and it is summer perfection!  If you like it, use the brand filters on the Target website.  I think it was $17.  

These are my Hue leggings/jeggings and I don’t think they are super flattering, but I love them.  

This is what I wore on Saturday, but I didn’t feel right wearing a graphic tee to school – it felt too casual.  

I wanted to show you how this outfit on the right is appropriate for a teen girl and a woman of a certain age.  Doesn’t she look cute.  Boho top, jeans, and Birkenstocks.  The gentleman on the left wanted you to see his outfit, too – lol!  

I wore my red and blue skirt as a cover up on the boat on Memorial Day!  

This gingham top has fussy strings that I need to figure out what to do with!  

This was casual for a pedicure when I didn’t have school on election day.  I changed sandals later on.  This is a knit skort which I find handy to have in my wardrobe in the summer.  

And, finally Tuesday’s outfit (yesterday).  Yes, I’m taking a chance by wearing white linen as a teacher, but hey – you have to take risks in life.  

And, that’s a wrap for the last week!  What about you?  What have you been wearing lately?  


7 thoughts on “What I Wore

    1. You should! My phone still won’t work with my tripod but my sweet son is very supportive and his girlfriend reads the blog! My pants are old from Old Navy!


  1. That first top from Knox Rose is one of my favorites I got it for my mom for Mother’s Day but wanted to keep it, lol!! Cute outfits!


    1. No way! Don’t you love that brand? It’s like Anthro without the price tag! You should get one, too! It will work for 4th of July!


  2. I love your outfits, my favorite was the white jeggings combination. I think I will wear a lot of white jeans this summer, even though I can only wear them one day before they need a wash… So fun that you posted a pic of your students!


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