Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hello Tuesday!  How was your 3 day weekend?  Mine was pretty good!  I crossed off things on my list and made time for plenty of fun!

Here are the highlights:

Friday after work, the weather cooperated and we decided to take our inaugural boat ride of the season.  I had my Truly Rose.  


We parked and ate at Captain’s Quarters.  You can go in the restaurant or sit on the patio or the waiters bring food to your boat.  

Saturday was spent running errands, running boys around, doing laundry, and stuff like that, but Saturday night we had plans to attend the first outdoor concert of the season.  This group was awesome and really connected with the crowd.  

The sunset was gorgeous.  

Sunday morning and I had a mimosa by the river while our dog swam. 

Sunday afternoon we had plans to attend the musical Spam-a-lot which is a spoof of Monty Python.  

I started this book and I’m liking it.  I have read all of Sophie Kinsella’s books.  It won’t be my favorite, but I’m enjoying it.  

I finished Dead to Me.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  


I finished One Day in December.  I liked it but I didn’t love it.  I think there’s a pattern here!  


And, we ended our weekend by boating one last time.  We went downtown to see the hundreds of flags for Memorial Day.  

I bought this sunscreen for the bottle, but there’s something about that Coppertone smell that is just so summer to me!  

And, we stopped at Captain’s Quarters again just for a drink.  I had my first Miami Vice of the season.  img_7032.jpg

We have started watching That 70s Shows with our boys.  They are enjoying the 70s cultural stuff and it’s funny because one of our boys has to dress like a member of The Bee Gees for history class this week.  

And, that’s about it!  What did you do this weekend?  

We have 9 more days of school with students!  


10 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

  1. What a weekend you had! Your neighborhood seems fantastic! Sweden/Stockholm is so small and calm if you compare! We have also put our boat in the water (here we have to take it out of the water during winter ;-D), but it hasn’t been warm enough to use it yet. I’m hoping for this weekend! Last weekend was a bit strange with random stuff going on, but now everything is back to normal. I have only four days left with students – isn’t that crazy!?


    1. Thank you! Yes we keep ours in a storage barn. It’s hard to believe you have fewer days left than me! Hope you get to boat next weekend!


  2. What fun to go out on the boat. I love that the restaurant will bring the food right out to your boat. I hate when I get in a reading/viewing slump…ho-hum! Hope you come across a good book for summer!


    1. It makes me feel kinda fancy! The food is high priced and mediocre but it’s fun!
      I tried to comment on yours today – I am going to request the beauty queen book. I need light and fun still but haven’t loved anything lately! Loved your Media Monday post!


  3. What a great weekend! I would love to eat dinner on the boat – so nice! We made Miami Vices yesterday and can you believe I had never had one? Love that your son has to dress like one of the Bee Gees!
    9 days will go by so quickly!


  4. My husband and I snuck off for a three day trip to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire for a full weekend of hiking, relaxing, and eating! I’ve been debating about watching that 70’s show with my crew but think the younger two might still be to young to get much of it.


    1. So fun! As far as the show, I’m only just now comfortable with them watching – 16 years old. It’s pretty mature.
      Hope you put trip details on your blog and happy anniversary!


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