Tuesday, May 14, 2019


I was first exposed to the “rule of 3” in fashion and design by one of the first blogs I ever read – Everyday Mom Style.  The blog is no more, but I have kept what I learned from reading it.  


If I wear just a blouse and a skirt it may not provide much visual interest.  

If I wear a blouse, a skirt, and a vest it adds more visual interest to the outfit.  

I can also wear a blouse, skirt, and a bold necklace to make three items.  

From Obsessions Fashion online article, “When choosing an outfit, our natural tendency is to put together a bottom and a top, or just a dress, and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, just by adding a third item, you can instantly transform an other wise simple outfit to one that looks put together and complete.”  

A blogger than exemplifies this is Audrey at Putting Me Together.  She talks about “completer pieces” that act as her third pieces.  A completer piece can be a sweater, a vest, a kimono, a jacket, a blazer – something that ties it all together.  A slimming way to do this is to wear the same color top and bottom and add a third piece that is a contrasting color.  

If you feel you are stuck in a mom uniform or a work uniform, you might be surprised by how easy it is to just add one more thing.  Let’s say your typical outfit is a t-shirt and yoga pants.  Throw on a kimono when it’s time to go to the grocery.  Throw on a jean jacket as your third piece.  Or, wear your favorite jeans, a graphic tee instead of a workout tee, and then add the third piece.  Is this shallow?  Not really, in my opinion.  When I feel put together, I am more outgoing and more productive.  

I have taken some spring outfit examples to illustrate this point:  

I don’t love the outfit below, but the vest is my third piece.  It adds more interest than just the pants and top alone would.  I don’t love the red and blue and don’t feel as much myself in these colors.  I think pairing the red pants with white and the blue top with a neutral will feel more like me.  But, this illustrates my point.  


The outfit below really only has two pieces and I don’t love it – nor is it that flattering.  I guess the necklace could be my third, but…a vest would add another element.  


Same for this outfit – it’s just boring.  I don’t have my third piece.  img_6100

Now, look how much better the below outfits look.  img_6467img_6456

Do you agree that the third piece adds more to the outfits?  It really doesn’t take more effort to add a third piece and it helps when you have temperature variations during your day.  I like to “pin” my favorite outfits on Pinterest and I notice they all seem to follow the rule of 3.  

The third piece gets harder to do as the weather warms up.  I will be experimenting with this soon!  

Anyone interested in another outfit challenge?  The last one I did was in the winter, so let’s try it with our spring and summer clothing!  I’m trying to wear everything in my closet or donating it so this will be fun!  Email me your photos each day or at the end of the week or just tell me that you are participating!  Don’t buy anything – simply substitute when necessary.  This is just for fun and to help you and me get dressed each day!  

Monday – something striped

Tuesday – something floral

Wednesday – something you haven’t worn yet this season

Thursday – a swing dress or any spring/summer dress in your closet

Friday – graphic tee with a cardigan or a kimono


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – The Rule of 3 in Fashion

  1. I used to watch What Not To Wear religiously – like so obsessed with that show – and they always talked about completer pieces. I completely agree they make the outfit. It is hard in hot weather but sometimes I use accessories because it’s either that or die from heat stroke!


    1. Oh me too! That was such a great show! I wish it would come back on. If you have any hot weather ideas let me know. I have a few light vests but don’t you find that they really really crank the AC in your climate? Have a great day!


  2. I agree with the rule of 3, the completer piece makes the outfit look so much more put together. Two questions: 1. I’d love to follow you on Pinterest, what is your id? 2. What other fashion bloggers do you follow? I’d love more inspiration.


    1. I think so, too, Jamie! My Pinterest is Amy Scott but it’s been neglected as of late. I usually just search and don’t pin much. I’m thinking about starting a new one for just my blog. I have been wanting to do a post on my favorite blogs so I will do that soon!
      Thanks for reminding me!
      Thanks for commenting today, too!


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