Monday, May 13, 2019

Hello Monday

Well, hello again, Monday, and hello to all of you dear readers!  I’m linking up today with Heather, etc. so go here and maybe find some new blogs?  

Friday night we stayed home with nothing we HAD to do.  I recreated this pasta from about a week ago and it was good.  Bowties, bacon, broccoli, a little bit of EVOO and spices.  I used fresh broccoli this time and I really think frozen is the way to go.  

Then, we watched some t.v. and I participated in a Facebook Matilda Jane sample sale for women.  I think I successfully snagged a couple of pairs of pants for $17.  



My Mother’s Day gift came a bit early and I was anxious to try it out.  I have been feeling bad going through so many K cups so I am going to try a more traditional coffee route.  This was on Amazon for only $39 and it made my husband happy because I told him what I wanted!

My sister recommended this coffee and it comes from Kroger – it’s really good.  I also ordered Nut Pods for my new creamer from Amazon.  Have you heard of Nut Pods?  Apparently it’s Keto and a bunch of other diet friendly and it’s made from almond and coconut milk.  

I had a few errands to run before we saw my son in his opening play for the Shakespeare Festival. 

There is a really good new Trader Joe’s product below if you like goat cheese.  I stuffed it in some peppers and I spread on some bread. 

We had our library open back up!  It is beautiful and I found a few new books. 

We spent most of the day trying to understand Shakespeare – lol! 

When I got home, my mom had sent me these cool and super lightweight earrings for Mother’s Day.  One sister and I went in on Rothy’s for her and for my mother in law, I got Birkencrocs!


Saturday evening we sat on the patio after dinner and enjoyed the light drizzle.  

Sunday morning I slept in until about 7!  After drinking coffee and reading, I made myself a mimosa to go.  I got some sweet cards from hub and the boys.  

We got Panera take out and let our Ernie swim in the river.  We had hoped to take our boat out on her maiden voyage of 2019 but it was cold and rain was in the forecast.  So, I enjoyed my mimosa with a bagel.  

The rest of the day was really lazy.  I did some meal prep and a couple of errands.  Then, we had to get son to his next play and the other 3 of us went out for a quick dinner.  I have not been counting my points for a few days so I’m trying to get back on track tomorrow.  I have no real good excuse but it’s been Easter, Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and my big exam and I’ve just been busy and doing WW requires some prep and planning.  So, I need to get rid of temptations and do food prep and meal planning to get back on track.  

How was your weekend?  

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Well I made your french toast casserole and egg casserole this weekend while we stayed at the beach – both were major hits! In fact my mother loved the french toast so much she asked me to whip up another one for the next day! Thanks so much for the delicious and easy recipes!


    1. Yay! So you made those at the beach! How fun! I’m so happy! It looked like such a nice weekend but I know it was bittersweet. You guys are doing a good job of supporting each other.


  2. I pretty much tossed my points out the window for Mother’s day when I entered the brownie recipe my son was using and saw just one serving was more than my daily allotment. I think the key is to get back to logging ASAP… it is hard with so many celebrations and just life getting in the way.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yes, you are right, it showed me how important tracking has become. I’m doing better today but the day isn’t over yet! Lol!


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