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Friday, May 10, 2019

Hello Friday!  I’m so happy to see you!  I still have exactly a month of school to go; but it’s getting closer.  Students get out June 7 and I have my last teacher day on June 10.  What a year!  

I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. to share a few faves today.  Click here to find some new blogs to follow!  

This is teacher appreciation week and we had Salsarita’s Mexican food catered for us on Wednesday.  It was a nice treat!  


It was fun to put this spread together for my students and you can read more about it  here and get my recipes, too!  

I had seen some yellow manicures and picked up some OPI in yellow for myself.  I love how it matched my Swig cup!  

My teen boys were huge Pokemon fans for several years – in fact, my mom thinks the Pokemon cards helped them learn to read!  They went with a group of 5 guys to the 4:00 showing yesterday after school and really liked it .  


Fellow Bravo fans, did you watch Texicanas this week?  It is set in San Antonio and I think it’s going to be good! 


My sister in law introduced me to the generic line of shampoos and conditioners at Sally Beauty Supply.  This is a dupe for the “It’s a 10” line.  It smells really good and I think it’s helping my hair.  I had been using cheap grocery store shampoo.  

I forgot about this but it’s the best carpet spot remover out there in my opinion.  I originally found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond but this time I ordered it off of Amazon.  If you have kids and pets, you may need this!  

And, that’s all I’ve got today!  Do you have any favorites?  What are you up to this weekend?  My son starts his Shakespeare A Winter’s Tale play and that will be performed both tomorrow and Sunday.  

Hope to see you back here on Monday!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have two huge pokemon fans but so far they have not asked to go see the new movie in theaters. We had plans to walk the freedom trail in Boston this weekend but the weather isn’t sounding like it’s going to cooperate and I have not yet come up with a back-up plan. We like to plan a fun outing on Mother’s Day… like a zoo trip or kayaking.. but I am having a hard time coming up with something indoors that we’d all enjoy.


    1. I bet they will ask! I haven’t seen it advertised much! We have had a series of rainy weekends so I understand! Check out your local deals – I heard our zoo is free for moms and I bet more places will offer, too. My son’s play is at 2 so smack dab in middle of day!


  2. Carpet spot remover sounds great, I’ll definitely buy that. In Florida we have a white carpet where the patio door is, not so smart when the patio is dirty… This weekend we’re working on the roof of our little cabin – never ending story! But my plan is to be able to sleep there the last weekend of May!
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy the Shakespeare! My daughter is doing A midsummer night’s dream next week!


    1. White is bad with kids and animals! Good luck on your cabin roof! That will be fun to sleep there!
      What a coincidence about Shakespeare!


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