Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tuesday Tips

So, not to scare you, but you have exactly 12 days to shop for Mother’s Day gifts!  If you have to send your gift, you need to get it together sooner!  Don’t forget that you can send flowers, a cookie bouquet, an Edible Arrangement fruit bouquet, or a gift from Amazon or another retailer.  I know that with Amazon you can include a gift note.  You can also do an Amazon e gift card.  

Also, I think it’s smart to send your husband a few links!  That’s how you know you will get what you want!  Last year I got black patent Birkenstocks and one year we went to a sunglasses store and picked out a pair for me.  I have also loved all the sweet drawings and crafts that my boys brought home in pre-school and elementary school.  

Please don’t forget your friends who have lost their moms.  It’s nice to send a text or card to say you’re thinking of them.

Here are some ideas for your mom, grandmother, step-mom, mom-like figure or yourself!

-flowers to be planted or just a bouquet or a live plant.  Trader Joe’s has some great potted ivy right now.

-an experience – a play, musical, movie, brunch, afternoon tea if your area has a tea parlor

-shoes – maybe splurge on a pair of Rothy’s, Birkencrocs, sandals for summer

-new beauty products or a new frangrance

-anything from Etsy!  The stuff is so unique!  I love their jewelry and much of it can be personalized

-patio decor – new pillows, new citronella candle  

-new sunglasses or sunglass readers

-a magazine subscription – maybe Pioneer Woman or Magnolia

-cooking supplies

-a framed photograph or a canvas

-photo gifts – a mug, mousepad, a calendar

What ideas do you have for me?  I usually do a theme and do the same or similar for both grandmothers.  Do you do this?  








2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Mother’s Day is Approaching!

  1. I am a firm believer in giving my husband a specific list – bless his heart, he has the very best intentions just not taste! Ha! I end up getting expensive things that are personalized and can’t be returned so I always have a list at the ready!!!


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