Hello Monday

Monday, April 29. 2019

Another weekend bites the dust!  And, there is only one more day in April?  

Here’s a quick weekend recap!  

Friday my former student dropped in to visit with her chihuahua in her purse!  She is a senior and was just picking up her prom ticket.  I happened to have a tiny sombrero.  

Friday after school a very impromptu happy hour with a co-worker went down. It was lovely out and the perfect way to start a weekend!  For dinner that night we stayed in and I made homemade fettucine alfredo for the family.  

Saturday a.m. I tried out my “Birkencrocs” that had arrived the day before.  They are Birkenstocks but made of Croc material.  I think I like them but I’m worreid I should have sized down one.  

I made a batch of the 2 ingredient 3 WW point bagels because I hadn’t made them in a long time.  

I did a Dollar Tree run and if you have a grad this year, they have a nice selection.  

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up soon.  Mom would want you to put the saved money toward her gift – these are 2 for $1.  

Hub and I checked out the marina because the weather was nice and sunny.  Many people still have their boats in plastic  from the winter.  One son was at Avengers and one son was at theater practice.  

We tried a new tavern on the creek – this is the view.  The water is a lovely shade of brown.  

I took my new purse out again.  

Our flowers are going crazy and I added geraniums back to my front porch pot.  I also added some Kentucky Derby swag.  

After both boys got home, we ordered pizza and watched some telly and I rallied and went back out to our senior prom for a little bit.  

I threw on a black t-shirt dress and a kimono and these shoes.  I hope they aren’t out of style because I still really like them!  Several of the teachers were wearing jumpsuits.  I think I counted 4 teachers in one.  

I slept in until 8 on Sunday!  And, then Sunday was filled with meal prep, a Trader Joe’s run, and emergency CVS run for a flashdrive for school for two disorganized boys, and sadly, a funeral visitation for a family friend.  

I used Lucky Lucky Lavendar by OPI which I’ve had for years.  

And, that’s about it!  What about you?  I have a busy week ahead, but it’s only a 4 day week for us in Louisville, KY because we are off Friday for the Derby festivities.  But, teachers had to have already worked this day to take it off through the professional development hours we do outside of the regular school hours.  

Thanks for checking in! I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here for some other Hello Monday posts!  


7 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. My younger son came home at the end f last week and went to see the Avengers movie twice over the weekend! I made those WW bagels and they were so good, next time I am going to put cinnamon on them and go for a sweet version. I am headed to the Dollar Tree today to stock up on birthday and graduation cards as well as Mother’s Day – can’t beat the prices!


    1. I had some students who saw it twice too! I don’t get that – lol!
      Great idea for the bagels! Yes, I love Dollar Tree!


  2. Looks like a good weekend!

    Friday night, the hubs and I went to a wedding. Vodka was consumed.

    Saturday, I was recovering from vodka at the ballpark with Matthew. His team won. Saturday night, Alex and I went to the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra concert,

    Sunday was laundry, the Les Mis parent meeting, and a trip to Target. We got a new air fryer and I kind of love it already.


    1. I love weddings – haven’t had one to go to in a while! You had a really full weekend! If you like Brussels sprouts they turned out great when my sis in law
      Made them in hers.


  3. Wow, your garden looks wonderful! I love flowers! Dollar tree – oh yes, even a Swede knows about your famous Dollar tree, I love it!


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