What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May to all of you!  This is a super busy month for students, parents, and teachers!  Here in Kentucky we have the Derby, Mother’s Day, all kinds of awards ceremonies and performances, and the list goes on!  

Let’s go back to last week – on Wednesday, to be exact.  Versona top, Old Navy denim vest, Walmart pants from last year, and Tieks consignment flats.  These aren’t typically my colors and this outfit is just a B- for me.  

Versona on sale top from last year – maybe $8? , consignment Matilda Jane pants, and MIA Sofia clogs.  Don’t look too closely – my blues don’t exactly match!  I give this outfit a B.  

And, Friday I wore some of my favorite pants from Loft last year, an Old Navy t-shirt with Spanish – “Party like there’s no tomorrow”, a Steinmart sweater kimono from last year, and Birkenstocks.  I give this outfit a B.  

Because this is Derby week, it’s time to break out my horse accessories.  I wore this scarf with black and white basics on Monday.  These are all very old.  I believe the black one is from an online boutique.  img_6605.jpg

This blue one is from Old Navy several years ago.  

And, I love this ring.  I used to wear it every day, but now I only wear it ocassionally.  It is an antique button made into a ring from an art fair.  I could punch someone and leave a cool mark, huh?  Where did that come from?  I’m really not a violent person!  

And, on Tuesday, I found this old necklace that I had forgotten about – oops – and planned the whole outfit around it.  I liked this outfit and gave it an A-.  I don’t love the shoes with it.  

These students below took this picture for me because they all went together and are all in the same class of mine.  How sweet!  They looked incredible!  I love the trend now where they can wear what suits them – some of the girls found dresses from Goodwill and some of the guys had fun jackets and shoes.  

What have you worn lately?  It’s definitely time to dust off the spring clothing and purge what doesn’t make you feel great!  

Thanks for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I actually wore shorts one day! But now the weather is back to 52, boring… In school I wear open shoes (gotta show my pedicure), but outside it’s back to sneakers… Well, as long as you don’t need puffers and hats I’m quite content!
    It sound fun with your derby week! My 14 year-old is really into race horses (Black stallion!), so she’s actually told me about the Kentucky derby and the fantastic horses that race there! Do you ever go to the track?


    1. Yay for shorts! I’ve worn them a few times but just at home or to grocery! I enjoy the track more in the fall. There are so many people there now – if I had a luxury box I would go but I don’t! I need a new pedicure!


    1. Lol! It might be my new thing! Just got back from the gym! I love my horse accessories and can wear them any time of year but it’s fun now! The whole city is starting to party!


  2. I was going to comment about you grading your outfits too! It’s fun. I like that you still show us outfits that you don’t completely love. That’s real life. This week on Monday I hated my outfit choice so much that it sort of ruined my day. Not even sure what it was about it, but it was a NO! Couldn’t get home and out of it soon enough. Haha.


    1. Thank you! I can relate – it may look ok to others but if you aren’t comfortable it can ruin your day! Thank you for commenting! I may continue to grade my outfits and if I only showed you A outfits I wouldn’t have any photos! Lol! Hope you continue reading, Reneé!


  3. I’m supposed to be purging my dresser and closet right now (it’s naptime). I was thinking I had whittled it down but I think it’s time to start trying things on and getting rid of what I don’t like.
    I was thinking of looking for Birkenstocks…


    1. Purging feels so good! Less is more! If you get Birkenstocks try them on. I think I need to size down in them for better comfort. If they don’t fit perfectly they won’t be as comfortable. They last forever. I have two consignment pairs!


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