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Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. today so go here to meet some other bloggers.  Yesterday I talked about the evolution of my blog here if you missed it.  Wednesday I did my weekly what I wore here, Tuesday I did Easter and random stuff here and of course, Monday was my weekend recap here.

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you are new here, welcome and I hope you will come back!  

My first favorite is this cute little lemon Ipsy bag.  Ipsy is a monthly makeup/beauty subscription service for $10.  You get a cute pouch with 5 items based on a questionnaire you filled out.  Is it worth it?  Yes, I do think at least one product each month was worth $10 and something I loved.  But, I did it for about a year and accumulated too many pouches and too many little products so I decided to cancel.  I did give a pouch to each niece and a couple to friends.

The second favorite is a dry brush.  I have been wanting to try “dry brushing” and my friend V used to do it.  It is supposed to be great for your circulation and your skin, I think.  I will let you know when I learn what to do!  Anyone out there practice this?  The dry brush came in my second and final FAB FIT FUN box that I accidentally received.  I got the first one – the winter box for $39 but forgot/didn’t know I had to cancel and got the second spring box for $49?  I think it’s a cool idea but I didn’t like everything in my boxes and didn’t want to be wasteful and that’s a much higher price point.  I do know people that really love it, though.  It is being plugged by tons of famous people! img_6551.jpg

The third favorite is this purse.  I have been wanting one in this style for spring and saw this one at the boat open house in the L’Boatique mobile boutique that I showed you on Monday.  It has a really fun print inside.  Is it practical?  No, it barely holds anything, but that’s not the point!  I also carried it on Easter Sunday. img_6552.jpg

Another favorite below – Are you a sucker for “As Seen on TV” products like me?  I hadn’t even seen this one on tv, but found it on the shelf at CVS.  I really like it for $15.  

And, it’s hard to believe I achieved this favorite – I managed to do the gym 3 times this week – every other day.  By 7:14 p.m. on a gym day I already had 12,000 steps!  It’s such a good feeling to know the workout is done so early.  It really does make the rest of the day better.

Another favorite was a simple supper this week that the whole family enjoyed and was only 3 WW points for me.  I don’t really cook a separate meal for me – just leave certain things off of my plate.  But, this night I had an identical plate!  Baked frozen tilapia with cajun seasoning and a tiny dusting of panko bread crumbs, frozen broccoli boiled for a few, Greek salad with just a touch of EVOO and lemon juice and a tiny bit of  hashbrowns cooked in a skillet with Everything but the bagel seasoning.  

A final favorite that I stole this off of a student’s Instagram  – look at the wonderful group of students involved in such a grade A performance of Annie the Musical.  My son is on the left in a onesie uniform.  This is what he wore as Bundles the laundry man.  He had four different roles!  I will forever be grateful for this experience for him.


How was your week?  Any favorites?  What’s on tap for the weekend?  The boys have some plans but our plans aren’t set in stone yet.  I’m hoping for some good weather here! One of our boys has a ticket for Avengers End Game – it’s the only movie being shown today and tomorrow at our favorite theater.  I can’t remember a time that happened in the past!  

Make it a great one!





12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Week was fine! I enjoyed a 4 day week since Monday was off because of Easter. The weather has finally changed and that makes me SO happy! Spring! You cannot believe how much I have longed! Winter is long and dark over here, it almost drives you crazy… Anyway, 64° today! Today we’re taking the boat to the mechanics to get a new motor (it was stolen again, second time…) and tomorrow we’re finally getting rid of my parents old car that has been occupying the driveway in front of our little cabin. So this will be a weekend of preparing for outdoor-life! Happy weekend!


  2. I LOVE Ipsy! I find it’s well worth the money, as I tend to use most of what I receive. Yeah, there’s been a few duds, but that’s life. They seem to be getting better with tailoring the service to your tastes, so the last couple of months have been real winners for me. I do wish they’d offer to send your products without a makeup bag, or only send a bag once a quarter, or something like that. Because who NEEDS that many bags?

    I might have to seek out one of those bras. lol…


    1. Ipsy has been great but I’m putting the $ elsewhere now. I was a bit embarrassed about putting the bra on there!


  3. Something you may want to look into(especially since you work in a school), is donating your Ipsy bags to the school nurse or health teacher. My good friend has the Health Resource position in our local school district. She gathered bags to put feminine hygiene products in to keep in the nurses’ offices. That way girls can come and grab a bag without being embarrassed. They can return the empty bags if they want or keep them. Have a great weekend!!!


    1. That’s a great idea and actually what I did for my nieces. I didn’t want to give details! Haha! I only have a few pouches now that I’ve stopped it. Our school office keeps a stock for girls, though.


  4. I don’t cook a separate meal for myself either but also tend to leave some things off my plate or else tweak the recipe to be more WW friendly. Great job on getting to the gym! I’ve actually been a bit bad about my workouts this week (it rained so much… and I am not as good about working out as I am about going for hikes outside).


    1. Yes that’s what I do! I think I’ve learned so much about what has high calories and more fiber! You’ll get back out there – don’t worry!


  5. Your fish dinner looks so delicious and filling!!! I really like the bag especially with the print inside. I loved Mr. Bundles in the movie versions of Annie, I bet your son did a terrific job with all of his roles!!!


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