Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and happy Thursday!  You may want to get a cup of coffee for this marathon blog post!  

I started reading blogs maybe 8 years ago?  I used to love magazines and I think the blog kind of replaced magazines as my guilty pleasure.  But, is it so guilty?  I have derived so much joy from my blog reading – I have gained friendships, learned new recipes, gotten amazing product recommendations that have made me happier, and the list goes on

One of my first blogs to read was called Everyday Fashion (I think) and the blogger wore very normal things I would wear but cut her head off for anonymity.  She sadly no longer blogs.  Then I found Jill GG’s Everyday Style and really liked her outfits. 

Soon after, Pinterest Told Me To which is now Sheaffer Told Me To became a staple.  I first turned to blogs because of my love of fashion.  I also really liked trying to put together non-frumpy teacher outfits and outfits on the cheap so I was drawn to some teacher fashion blogs and some penny pincher fashion blogs.  As I was reading and looking at photos I thought I could never do what they were doing.  But, it continued nagging at me to start a blog and finally in 2018 I decided just to jump on in!  Here is my first blog post!  I didn’t even have very many of my own photos.  

I kind of want my blog to stay the way it is – very simple, without social media buttons, without tabs and indices – just very simple.  Because, I want this to continue to be a fun hobby.  If I get too complicated I think it will feel like work. But, on the other hand, it would be nice to have a search bar, categories, a recipe tab, etc.  Maybe this summer I will add that.  I also don’t know how I feel about representing products.  I want to stay real and transparent and I have seen the evolution of some of the blogs I read become only about paid promotions. They are about to be marked off of my favorite blogs to read list.  I respect their right to go that route, but I also hope they respect my right to not read them anymore.  

Some of the bloggers I read take hours to put together one blog post.  I don’t think I want that and I definitely can’t spend the time right now to do that.  Also, my favorite blogs to read are also very simple blogs like my own.  I’m hoping to put together a list of my favorites very soon!

The title of my blog – Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa – came from my love of coffee – especially enjoyed on my patio, and my love of creating fun cocktails for my friends and family.  I’m not a big drinker, but I like to have something special a couple of times a month.  And, finally the word “casa” came from my profession of Spanish teacher and my love of staying home and feeling comfortable in your home.  

I realize my title can’t and doesn’t encompass everything I talk about. 

My topics include:

fashion finds, outfits, recipes, product recommendations, restaurants, activities that I participate in and more.  

I try to follow a routine/schedule and my blog is up at 4:00 a.m. everyday for those early birds out there.  I complete each blog post the day before and I’m not actually up at 4:00 a.m. FYI!  

Monday – Hello Monday which is a weekend recap and I link up with other bloggers

Tuesday – Tuesday Tips – a tip of some sort 

Wednesday – What I Wore Wednesday 

Thursday – Thursday Thoughts – sometimes I get deep and sometimes I am shallow like my “Shop with Me” posts 

Friday – Friday Favorites and I link up with other bloggers 

I think by having this “schedule” it helps me come up with ideas.  I do wonder when I will run out of things to say – people that know me IRL may be laughing at this.

In my non-blogging life: 

I have been married for almost 19 years – to the same man 🙂 –  with 16 year old identical twin boys who are juniors.  I don’t talk much about them here because I want to respect their privacy and that’s also why I don’t use their names.  The three of them are not much on being on the internet or social media.  So, if you wonder why I don’t include many photos of them, that is why.  I have a sweet 6 year old chocolate lab named Ernie.  I do use his name because he likes the attention!  Lol!

I teach high school Spanish at the same school where my boys go.  I have been a teacher there for 19 years but with my two schools before this one, this is my 25th year teaching high school Spanish.  I currently teach Advanced Spanish III, IV, and AP.  I also don’t talk a lot about school because I didn’t want this to be a teacher blog – not that there is anything wrong with that.  If I were going to do a teacher blog, I would start a separate one.  I absolutely love my job but I have learned to have a work/home life balance. If you want to read about my typical day teaching I recently did a post here.  

I love fashion and bargain hunting, consignment shopping, reality t.v., Bravo, Netflix, reading, cooking, decorating, entertaining, walking in nature, being on and around water, laughing with family and friends, going to events and festivals, trying new restaurants, and much more.  

Back to the blog:  

I am in no way an expert on anything I write about and that was my biggest fear – that people would think I thought I was special and that I had all of the answers.  I most definitely do not, but I have learned a few things that work for me and my life.  I am a big believer in “you do you”.  I hope that I don’t come off as preachy through my Tuesday Tips posts.  Some people say that the blog is obsolete and that the vlog or the podcast is the new blog.  I don’t think that the blog is obsolete, though.    

If you have stuck with me this long – thank you!  I am having so much fun interacting with readers and you make this fun for me!  I only told my family and a few friends about my blog until recently.  Now, I have announced it on my personal social media, so it’s out there.  Some of my family and closest friends don’t read my blog and aren’t very supportive and that’s o.k.(but some are) and I have gotten support from wonderful ladies I have met through the blogging community and readers from all over the world.  The internet is a funny thing – it has the power to connect us to people we would have never known before.  It definitely makes it feel like a smaller world.  I have not gotten a single negative comment yet, either, so I think the people who read my blog must be very kind.  

What would you like me to talk about?  What would you like to see more of on the blog?  Would you ever start a blog?  

Thank you for helping me to enjoy this hobby so much!  You’re the best!  


25 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – the Evolution of my Blog

  1. It’s the simplicity of your blog that I appreciate! I’ve read tons of blogs, and I was disappointed when many of them evolved into “portals” with shopping, and menus… If I remember correctly I found your blog last summer because you commented on the graceandlove blog. It was of course your ingenious blog name that intrigued me! I’m into the US, fashion and teaching, so I was happy when I found your blog! Many of my students are interested in studying in the US, and it’s valuable for me to be able to give them some information about life in high school.


    1. I’ve been reading blogs for probably 9 years! I also had a blog that was about decorating, crafts, home keeping, and Mom life. It was fun, but a ton of work! I think I came across your blog from mix and match mama, maybe a link up? I also love the simplicity, the non sponsored posts, and your authenticity! I really think personalities show through blogs/ writing. Keep up the great work, I love to read each morning with my coffee! I don’t always comment, but I’m here for you!😊😊


      1. That’s so cool that you had a blog! I can see it getting to be too much work. That’s ok if you don’t always comment – I will know you are reading! Lol! I appreciate your positive comments on my very simple but very me blog!


    2. Thank you Tin-Tin. I’m blown away by how perfect your English is! Is that the norm? I’m so glad you found me. I think we have a lot in common. If you ever have any specific high school questions, feel free to email me. I have known 3 Swedish exchange students and they were all lovely people!


      1. Yes Swedes are good at English, but hey I’m an English teacher! I should know my way around your language… Anyway, thank you very much! My accent is fine, but no one can say where I’m from, since it’s a mix of British and American English (Received pronunciation I believe it’s called).


      2. I didn’t realize you taught English! We are both language teachers – so cool! You use many idioms which is what I’m working on with my kids now. They have an exam where they receive college credit coming up. Happy Friday!


  2. I enjoy your blog just the way it is. I also get disappointed when favorite blogs become simply a promotion of products and very commercialized, although I know that’s how some bloggers make money. I’d be interested in seeing recipes.
    It might be fun to do your favorites and then periodically find a new recipe to try and get your feedback or feedback from your family.


    1. Thank you J. I feel the same. I hope to add more recipes and link to the recipes I posted in 2018. I like the idea of experimenting and getting feedback! Have a wonderful day!


  3. This was nice to read and honestly we have so much in common. I started reading blogs for the very same reason and now I am not even interested in magazines. It is a fun hobby and that is what is important for me to understand and remember. Making a little money and being able to support this hobby is nice too!
    I’m so glad to have connected with you Amy! My family and close friends don’t read my blog, isn’t that funny. At first my feelings were kinda hurt but now I’m okay with it. They don’t have to enjoy everything I do!


    1. We really do have so much in common! My feelings are a bit hurt but I’m so much newer at this than you. I guess I will get there. I think that if you don’t read other blogs you may not get it? I’ve even had people ask me what a blog is. This little space has definitely enriched my life. I probably had more people on here express condolences about my dad than at my workplace and I’ve been here for 19 years! Happy Thursday and thank you for your continued support and friendship! You are such a positive person and I know you must be a fabulous counselor!


  4. I had a blog in 2005 for about 6 months named Jennifer’s Thoughts. I ended up printing them out, filing them away, and deleting the blog. It made me feel too vulnerable, like I had said too many things that I didn’t want just anyone knowing. Had I gone into it with a plan of what my blog would be about and more importantly which things I would hold back about, I might have stayed with it.

    I appreciate your blog, came to you through the 40 something podcast that you were a guest on. I like that you are in Louisville and I’m near Ft. Knox. I prefer the drink, dinner ideas, places you’ve tried or shopped at vs. the outfit posts. I have my Capri jeans, shirt and Birkenstocks outfit down and don’t veer off that path too often.

    Thank you for the blog, I know it’s a labor of love. And I took 5 years of Spanish in Middle and High, til it got too hard (in Spanish 3 all the teacher did was make us translate a book) so Senior year my friend and I took French 1, made crepes and learned numbers with the Freshman.


    1. Thank you for commenting, Jennifer! You are really close! I understand what you are saying – it is really “putting yourself out there”. I hope by only doing what I Wore posts once a week that I’m providing something for those that like it but not overdoing it. I hope to put more meal ideas on the blog – especially now that the season is changing and I like to change up my meals. I like that you have a uniform that works for you!
      I’m sorry you had a not so good Spanish 3 experience. But French 1 sounds like fun! We definitely do not translate a book!
      I hope you keep reading and if you ever want to start a blog again you should do it! Happy Thursday!


  5. I don’t know how I found your blog but I enjoy it. I like reading about what people wear and where they shop. Also recipes and what people serve when having friends over for an evening, and if they play games. Dog pics are fun too! “Favorite things” posts are fun too, I’m always looking for new things to try or gift. Thanks for asking! Oh, I’m on WW too, I like reading about what you eat!


  6. I really enjoy your blog…keep posting and stay true to your own style! I also feel like many blogs have turned into big commercials and I don’t read them as often. I didn’t realize that you teach Spanish. My daughter is taking AP Sp IV and really enjoys it.


    1. Thank you Tanya – and I really like yours! That’s awesome that your daughter is taking AP Spanish! Is she taking the exam May 7? Spanish 4 is a separate class for us so didn’t know if she takes exam as a junior – we have only seniors take exam.


  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now after discovering you through another blog. I enjoy a lot of your postings! We read a lot of similar books, shop at a lot of the same stores. I’m an avid consignment shopper too. I only read a handful of blogs and like recipes, fashion and decorating ideas too. Oh, and I enjoy your cocktail ideas too! Keep up the great blog!


  8. Love the simplicity and organization within your blog! I am a new blogger and have been looking for ways to enhance my blog, so I really appreciate yours! Looking forward to the posts to come from you! (:


  9. I enjoyed this post – getting some background info and hearing how the blog got started and developed over the years. I am a new reader, but have enjoyed what I’ve looked at so far. You have some yummy and easy recipes for WW (which I am thinking of going back to this summer). And, as I am a retired teacher, now subbing, I can certainly relate to the teacher stories that you share. Looking forward to becoming a regular reader, good luck as the last days of the school year roll around. It is always such a hectic time!


    1. Thank you, Paula and I hope you will return! I will have more time to put into the blog soon! Congrats on your retirement! We have such a hard time getting subs!
      WW is a great program but I got slightly derailed at Easter and need to get strict again. It’s all about the tracking and when I get busy that seems easy to let slide. Thank you for commenting!


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