Monday, April 22, 2019

Hello Monday

How was your weekend?  Mine was busy, but with all good things!  Annie the Musical (Yes, I will stop talking about it after today! ) started Thursday night, continued Friday night and ended with a noon and 6:00 show on Saturday night.  

Friday night our son and his girlfriend were going together to watch it (we had all seen it together as a family Thursday night) so after dropping him off, hub and I went to Mojito Tapas nearby and had a dinner together before I went to the second half (which is mostly when my son appears).  It was a nice quiet time to catch up.  

house red

queso dip

I got home around 10:00 Friday night but was up and at ’em early Saturday morning – I had let myself run out of coffee at home so what’s a gal to do?  Skinny Blonde Latte – yum!  I had to get groceries and Easter basket stuff for hub, the boys, and my mom.  I ran to Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and CVS.  

I resisted the urge at TJ’s, but they are gorgeous!  This is my favorite flower.  

After dropping son off at the theater for call time and the other son left for his flea market and a movie with his girlfriend and her mom, hub and I went to support our sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s business.  They were having their start of the boating season open house!  Go to Marine Sales and Service for all of your boating needs if you are local!  (This is not a paid advertisement!)

L’Boatique was back – I showed this cute little shop on wheels to you last spring – it has swimwear, accessories, towels, sunglasses.  It’s a really cute concept!  

How cute is this?  


I left the open house and went to the second half of the play and got lunch for my son before he had to be ready for the next and final show.  

Then, my mom and sister arrived and hub’s dad arrived.  The two men hung out and my mom and sister and I went back to Mojito for some light bites before the show.

We got ham and chicken croquets below, 


guacamole with plantain chipsimg_6499

spicy potatoesimg_6501

and meatballs but I forgot the photo.  

All of our family in attendance just loved seeing our boy in the show!  His brother attended 3 out of 4 shows and I went to part or all of all 4.  This was our first experience with a musical and I am just in awe of the adults who run it and all of the 110 kids who were a part of it.  It was an unforgettable experience and I’m a little sad it’s over.  img_6513

Easter morning was breakfast casserole, Easter baskets, church, laundry, sitting outside in the beautiful sun, and a nice dinner to end the day.  

I also got to see three former students – two at the musical and one at church.  This is one of the best things about teaching; I love getting to see them again!  

Even though this weekend made me so happy, it was bittersweet.  My Dad would’ve just been overjoyed to see his grandson act and sing.  He would’ve loved the jokes and he would’ve been singing the songs and driving my mom crazy!  He loved Easter, too.  

On that note, have a productive Monday!  


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Phew, you seemed to have a busy and great easter weekend! My daughters are also in to acting and dancing and I just love to see when they perform in schoolplays etc.
    Hydrangea is my favourite flower too! In the south of Sweden you can grow it in your garden, but I think it’s too cold where I live.
    My weekend’s been fine, but since we came home from a trip on Saturday night I haven’t had that much time to go all in on all Easter things. In Sweden we only give the kids eggs full of candy, so that was easy to fix. And yeah – I’m free from work today!


    1. Yes! Awww that’s great! I wish you had a blog so I could see them! Hope that doesn’t sound weird! Yes, hydrangeas are a warmer climate flower I think. Easter has become materialistic here like many holidays or Pinterest perfect! Lol!


  2. I should have resisted the urge to buy the hydrangeas from TJ’s but I didn’t and my plant is currently dying a slow and painful death, I keep trying to keep it alive but ugh. I think it is so sweet that your son went to see his brother in 3 of the 4 shows, I love that. My Easter was bittersweet- I had a lump in my throat all day and tears in my eyes, not having my dad here is just so hard. I think this whole year of firsts for us is going to be that way. Last Easter we had no idea it would be my dad’s last Easter. I know you get that. Man, it’s rough.


    1. Oh shoot! I wonder if Florida is just too hot?
      I felt the same way. I was so emotional the whole weekend. I was going to say something on your IG post but I didn’t have the right words. Every milestone for my boys and every holiday will be so hard. I woke up Saturday thinking it wasn’t real that he is gone. I had a super vivid dream Sunday. It’s just so hard. I’m so sorry.


  3. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower too; especially the blue ones. Sadly I planted a bush in our yard 15 years ago and while it gets a bit bigger and very green every summer we have never had one single bloom.


  4. Congrats to your son on his role in Annie, and how wonderful that the entire family supported him by seeing it multiple times. Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thank you! It was a great first experience! You of all my readers know that! I keep saying I have an “Annie” hangover – songs stuck in my head!


  5. Alex will be playing in the pit for the summer musical, Les Mis. He’s SO excited for it, and so am I.

    I LOVE hydrangeas, too. It’s on my wishlist of things to plant around the house. But I don’t exactly have a green thumb, and we have crappy soil anyway, so I’m a little scared.


    1. Give me dates for Les Mis and maybe we can come. Both of my boys are starting to listen to musical scores for fun!
      I have a hydrangea bush from our childhood home but I’m worried it won’t bloom this year! Hope you had a good Easter with your family!


  6. What an awesome weekend! Annie is one of my favorite musicals and I’m so glad your son got to be apart of it!!! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers too and I carried some in my wedding bouquet. Hope you have an awesome week!


    1. I had forgotten how good it is! The girl who played Annie was just amazing and we had her real dog in it! Lol! Hydrangeas are just so pretty. I like dried ones, too.


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