Friday, April 19, 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Happy Friday!  Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend, too – if you celebrate! 

We are in school today and don’t have Good Friday off.  We have Annie the musical tonight and twice on Saturday.  Our first show was last night!  Whew – this week has been intense, but in a good way. 

My favorites this past week have been seeing my kids do things they love and just becoming great young adults.  The one son has loved being part of the all school musical – Annie and the other son has been staying after school for his after school humanities class and he also stayed after one day to simply help a friend with a research paper.  

My other favorites from the week are new spring (and summer) clothing.  I added a couple of blouses to my spring collection from Old Navy over the weekend and I think I wore one most days this week – a true sign for me that I should keep an item is when I wear it right away!  

This black flutter sleeve blouse will be a good lightweight basic.  I have a lot of printed pants and skirts and can never have enough solids.  


Give me all the florals!  I wore this with a purple sweater this week in my What I Wore post here. img_6460.jpg

I absolutely fell in love with this butterfly/insect print! img_6459

I bought some cool shirts for my teenage boys, too!  One of them asked me if Old Navy has an “aquatics collection” – it does kind of look like that.  This mom is happy that they are wanting to have more fun with their wardrobes.  For a few years since middle school uniforms they have wanted only plain, solid color items.  BORING!  



The top two are for one son and the bottom one is for the other.  I also got a plain red t-shirt for the son who only got the flamingo shirt – he surprised me that he wanted to branch out!  So fun!  

So, I’m pretty impressed with Old Navy’s men’s offerings this season and I really like the women’s blouses.  I mentioned that I don’t love ON pants for me.  I am going to line dry the blouses and not put them in the dryer.  

Teen Boy Easter basket items if you are last minute like me:  crazy socks, restaurant gift cards, swim trunks, books, new earbuds, gum, candy, favorite snack foods, new school supplies – yes!  It seems like my students are running out at this time of year.  Also, my boys are super particular about pens and pencils like their mama!  

What were your favorites this week?  Any other good teen boy Easter basket items?



6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

    1. Thank you – you too! I am just in love with those prints and my sons have looked so sharp wearing them to school this week!


  1. I was totally stumped on Easter basket ideas for all three of my boys this year.. I finally settled on buying them all swim shirts, flip flops, and goggles for the lake with a tiny bit of candy/ trail mix.


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