Wednesday,  April 10, 2019

What I wore Wednesday

So, this week I have a mixture of more casual Spring Break outfits and some back to school “teacher” outfits!  The weather has been 50-60 degrees and I’ve been enjoying my spring clothes – most of which are at least a year old.  I don’t love every outfit, but I’m going to show you anyway!  

So, without further ado – here we go!  

Last week I broke out the white jeans.  They are from Old Navy last year and I don’t love the fit.  I frayed the bottoms myself and I’m the least crafty person ever so I was proud of that!  I’m trying to hold a Starbuck’s cup like an Instagrammer!  The knit top is quite old from Kohl’s Chaps line.  I love me some tie dye!  The necklace is old from Versona but I thought the design looked a bit like Tory Burch.  I didn’t like this outfit because of the fit of the jeans.  They just continue to bag out throughout the day.  Old Navy jeans are often like this for me.  I know some of you love your ON jeans, but not me for some reason.  

This is the perfect kimono weather and I have one on here from last winter at TJ Maxx.  I have one my new to me consignment Matilda Jane’s from yesterday’s post here.  The necklace is old from Versona and the top is a LulaRoe perfect tee.  I’m not loving the tee because it shows some – ahem -stomach issues.  Maybe I could add a camisole or a suck you in tank undergarment.  Other than that I absolutely loved this outfit!  

I didn’t like the outfit below when I saw the photo.  This was to go out to eat at the Ethiopian restaurant.  I wore my new Hue jeggings, a black Chico’s top, a Versona vest and my MIA higher heeled clogs.  The necklace is old from Versona.  Wow – my old Versona pieces are getting a lot of wear right now!  

Below was to go out to eat Saturday night with our friends.  Same clogs, old Chico’s consignment pants, old Loft tassel sleeveless blouse, and the other $19 TJ Maxx kimono from last winter.  I was so comfortable in this outfit and it felt very me.  

Sunday it was rainy and this is what I wore to take son to art museum and Duluth Trading with my hubby.  I took advantage of a store mirror.  I just wanted to wear my yellow boots and chose things that matched!   

Monday back to school and we are having color theme days for a cancer fundraiser.  This day was grey.  Old kimono from Nordstrom Rack, LLR tee in grey, MJ pants, and clogs.  

Then, yesterday was baby blue and I wore my new MIA Bety clogs that I will talk about soon, a LLR Cassie pencil skirt, a blouse that is a hand me down from my friend V.  

I will tell you – I am learning a lot by photographing my outfits.  It is helping me to make better purchases and it is helping me to pick outfits that I’m more confident in.  Did you have a favorite?  Have you enjoyed wearing spring things recently?  


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I love it when you wear an outfit, photograph it and still like it! The best is when it really feels like you! That is always my goal and as the years go by I am making better and better decisions so that’s progress. Too bad about your ON white jeans – I have a pair from Loft I frayed myself and they are several years old but still work. I hope you find a pair you like!


    1. Yes, me too! My primary goal is comfort and then that it fits my style! I will keep searching for the perfectly flattering white jeans. I should probably look at American Eagle as they come in short and I have always liked theirs! I do have a distressed pair from there but I want a pair of non distressed! It’s a process to learn to dress but it’s also a fun hobby for us!


  2. I really like you in the ON outfit. I think the looser jeans go better with that particular top. I also love the “grey day” outfit!!


  3. Spring things!? Ha! 30° in Stockholm this morning… Fantastic clothes, your are such an inspiration! Your new clogs look amazing, and as a Swede I guess I should own a pair. But are they really comfortable! My favorite outfit on you was definitely the white jeans combo – you looked like a million bucks!


    1. Thank you! The brown clogs are really comfortable! Yes, I thought all Swedes had at least one pair? I’m sorry it’s still so cold!


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