Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

I may not be telling you anything new today, so let me apologize in advance!  

Have you become a strictly online shopper?  I would say I still buy 75% of my clothes, shoes, and accessories in person.  But, I am lucky to live in a big city where I have lots of options.  And, I enjoy getting out and looking in the shops.  I do try to shop locally when possible.  Don’t forget consignment stores- I would say about 25% of my wardrobe is second hand.

Where I shop online for clothing and accessories:

Amazon – of course!  Everyone loves Amazon and with good reason.  They have everything under the sun and the shipping is fast and free with Prime.  I don’t buy a lot of clothing on Amazon because I don’t want to deal with returns.  Exception:  When a blogger recommends a piece and also shows pictures wearing said piece.  Also, for accessories Amazon can be really good – I have been very happy with the earrings I have bought from Amazon recently.  I also use Amazon for many of my shoe purchases. Nordstrom has such great customer service and super fast and free shipping and returns.  We do have a Nordstrom Rack in my city but I never find anything there.  The prices are not that discounted and honestly, I can find better deals on the regular website.  If you have never looked at their website, it is super user friendly.  Check it out and use the sale and price filters!  I order lots of my shoes from here. Tip: if you buy makeup from here, you get to choose beauty samples. I have found some great products this way.

Other than these two, I like to order from online retailers that also have a store front in my city so that I can make returns.  

Old Navy – Their online prices and deals are better than in the store I think!  Their sizing can be off so it’s a good idea to order two different sizes in each thing you order.  That often helps you get to the free shipping amount or the biggest discount amount, too.  I don’t do really well with their jeans, but some of my favorite tops have come from here.  I just love my new floral blouse and have been wearing it once a week, below.  


Target – Their website has more than just the store items.  Go to and look around.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Target is great for swimsuits and cover ups and you will also find more selection in these categories on the website.  I also tend to order two different sizes from here to make sure I get the correct size.  Returns couldn’t be easier at Target at my local store.  I also use this for birthday gifts.  I love Universal Thread brand which has a Madewell vibe and I’m happy to know that they do still have the Knox Rose brand, which has a bit of a Anthropologie vibe.  

American Eagle – great for jeans and tops.  I can order short length for my jeans which I need!  Short is hard to find in the stores.  

Versona – Their website is user friendly and shipping was super fast on my last order which included two long vests with a ruffle on the bottom.  I got grey and tan.  Here is the grey below.  


JCPenney – I like the Liz Claiborne brand for some tops and will often use the filter to check out their new stuff each season.  You can find some great sales at  

I think that is about it!  There are many more websites I need to explore, I’m sure.  What are your favorite online shopping sites?  


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts -Shop with me ONLINE

  1. Amazon makes returns very easy! I swear they do everything so well! I do most of my shopping online, I really like trying things on in my own home. I think I spend less that way too because I miss all the little extras that are on sale in the store!


    1. I just don’t like having to print the return stuff and box it up and take it to the Mailboxes Etc. down the street. I don’t know why I think going in a store is easier but I do! Lol! But yes, they do everything well!


      1. Of course. Everyone needs to know about these! And They run pretty true to size. I typically wear a size large. That’s what I got with these, and they’re PERFECT. Not too tight, not too baggy.


  2. I love Amazon! But, I don’t use it much for clothing! Yes, Target and Old Navy can be great and I’m less likely to make impulse purchases online than when I enter the stores!


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