Tuesday, April 9, 2019

So this isn’t really a tip like I normally do on my Tuesday posts, but I thought you might like to see what I added to my closet over my break!

I had a list of some things I wanted to add for spring and summer and I had the time over last week’s Spring Break to look around and shop in person – truly my favorite way to shop.  I love the convenience of online shopping, but I am picky about fabric and quality and I love to shop second hand, so for me that means getting out to the shops!  

First up, I went to Macy’s to look at their selection of Reef flip flips (it was bad, by the way – so I still haven’t picked out my Reefs for this season)

I happened upon a rack of clearance Hue leggings/jeggings.  I had been wanting to try the scarecrow hem in a pair of jeans so it was fate.  These were $13!  I know they are super dark so probably they were meant for winter, but I think darker jeans are more flattering on me anyway so I plan to wear these this spring and I have already worn them!  


Another day I visited one of my favorite consignment shops and found this adorable springy print of the LulaRoe Cassie skirt.  I love these skirts because they hit me at the right place or I can fold the waist over and they are a pencil skirt which I think is my most flattering silhouette.  I have maybe 6 of these skirts, by the way.  It was new with tags and I paid $16 for it.  I think their prices have gone up a bit, but it is still a savings of at least 50%.img_6302.jpg

Here is a close up of the print.  It reminds me of oranges and lemons.  I thought it would be perfect for Easter.  


Then, another day I hit up my other favorite consignment shop and there were some more Matilda Jane pants for around $15 each that are normally $58.  Now, these weren’t new, but they were in good shape and I know the quality is great with these pants.  Yes, I have a problem – I now own 7 pairs!  But, in my defense, I think they are the perfect teacher pants.  They are a bit dressy and I prefer pants to skirts to teach in.  I get compliments on them every time I wear them, too.  I may look back on this Matilda Jane faze of life and ask myself what I was thinking, but just let me be none the wiser for now! I got this navy below: img_6301.jpg

And this light moss color:img_6299-e1554467338813.jpg

The moss color are a bit shorter length.  I have already worn them with a kimono.  

Then, I picked up two new pairs of earrings that I showed you last Monday here in my Hello Monday post.  The left were from World Market and the right were from the cutest little boutique here in Louisville called The Prickly Pear.


I also already told you about this Costco Gloria Vanderbilt top that I picked up for $13.  

And, finally this swimsuit cover up from Target that I showed you in my Friday Favorites here.  


I’m super happy with all of my purchases and I’m getting to be a better, smarter shopper.  I think this comes with knowing yourself, dressing for yourself and not someone you’re trying to be, knowing your lifestyle – stuff like that.  

Here’s the breakdown:  

1 jeans

2 pants

1 skirt

I top

1 cover up

2 earrings

Total:  $115

The most expensive item was the cover up at $24.  

I still have a few things I would like to add for spring/summer.  

My list includes:

Reef flip flops ( I live in these in summer)

the perfect sandal (ordered the MIA Bety and will let you know)

some fun going out tops for summer

That’s about it.  Then, I feel that I will have a great closet from which to choose for any event that might come up!  

What about you?  



10 thoughts on “Spring Break Purchases

  1. You got some great finds! We hardly have any consignment shops around here – it seems like the chain – Style Encore – is eating up all the little ones and now we just have the one big one. I prefer smaller shops, so bummer for me. Great deals for sure!


    1. Thank you! That’s sad! I know some people have good luck at Goodwill but I don’t! I think we have a pretty strong consignment market here. One of many things I love about our city. Did you ever try Thredup? It’s not for me but many people like it!


    1. Thank you! It’s like a treasure hunt! Most of the time I come out empty handed but every now and then my hunt pays off! Comfort is key at this stage for me!


  2. Man! I am DYING for some Matilda Jane pants but I can’t bring myself to pay $58 for them and I don’t know what size to order 😦 Would you say then run true to size?


    1. I swear that $58 is worth it! Just get black so more versatile or look on eBay. I would say size down one. But, honestly I could wear a couple of different sizes and my shirt is always un tucked. You could also find a local trunk keeper and try on at their house? Let me know what you decide!


  3. You got some great finds! I have been looking for the perfect strappy shoe/sandal for summer like Chaco, but Chaco’s just don’t fit my foot well. I had a great pair that I bought on Kelly’s Island a few summers back and last fall I finally retired them.


    1. I’m the same about Chacos. It’s really hard to find the perfect sandal. I started at Nordstrom.com and Zappos and used their website filters. Good luck!


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