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Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday!  This week went by quickly!  I have been seeing a lot of good product recommendations on blogs and on Instastories lately.  It seems like the change of seasons brings about a need for new products, am I right?  I have gotten the best recommendations from other people and I absolutely hate wasting money on a product that I end up hating!  So, let’s go left to right in my basket of goodies, starting from the back row.  It’s a bit random, by the way!  


Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

I mentioned this recently, but after using it again for the last week, I want to mention it again.  After you finish your shower but before you towel off, you apply this and then immediately towel off.  There is no wait time, so it must be magic.  It gives you a subtle tan and is perfect for early spring.  Bonus, you don’t have to apply lotion unless you want to.

John Frieda Blonder 

This is for the blondes out there and especially the blondes who have a little “help” if you know what I mean!  I have been highlighting my hair since my early twenties.  I use this after washing my hair maybe a few times a week.  It has enabled me to wait longer between salon appointments.  I had my hair hightlighted in November and didn’t need to go again until February.  Last spring I went in April and waited until November!  Say what?  I will tell you it gives you a more golden shade of blonde rather than an ashy blonde.  I’m on my second bottle.  There is also a shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray in this line that are really great, too.  

Not Your Mother’s She’s a Tease hairspray

I seriously looked for this in 4 or 5 stores recently and ended up ordering a 2 pack on Amazon.  I love this hairspray so much and am on maybe my 10th bottle?  The price is great – around $5 and it holds my thick hair but you can still comb through it or work with it if needed.  It smells amazing, too.  I hate a too sweet or too strong smell and this is perfect.  

Simply Saline

I will never live without this.  My husband and I both use our own, of course, every day.  I swear it has helped keep allergies at bay.  We live in a horrible place for allergies and we love this product.  It’s in a 3 pack at Costco or at your pharmacy or grocery for about $5.  

Maybelline Sheer Stay Matte Ink in Seductress

This was recommended by Kelly of Kelly’s Korner blog.  It really stays all day, but it is a matte if you like shiny.  This is the perfect day color.  I love my Lipsence but I feel that I have to save it for night and weekend!  So, this is what I use for day time now.  It is a bit sticky feeling if that bothers you.  

Cerave sunscreen for face with zinc

Do you suffer from melasma or dark spots?  I was told the only thing that will help is zinc.  This product does make your face look slightly white but it’s worth it.  I put foundation or tinted moisturizer over it to help it not look so white.  

Dum Dum suckers

In my effort to lower my calories I have been having one of these after dinner.  I always want something sweet!  I usually have a clementine and then this is my “treat” while I watch a show.  I can make these last a long time!  So, I told you this list was random!

What are your favorite products?  Do you change them up as the seasons change?  

Have a great weekend!









15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Product Recommendations!

  1. I love reading about products from other bloggers, I have found some great ones that way! I need to give the Jergens wet skin a try again this year. I used one bottle least year but always felt like I was taking it off when I dried with a towel. I really like the Banana Boat self tanner you recommended but I can only get it online at Target and it had to be added to an order – wouldn’t ship for free on it’s own. I’ll need to check again this year maybe things have changed.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. I think Walmart has it? I haven’t done my self tanner research yet but plan to try some new this year. The wet skin may be too subtle for you and I use it in addition to a real self tanner or I will soon. I have lots of your recs on my list! I can’t wait to buy the mouthwash and shave cream! I haven’t been to Target in 2 weeks at least – I’ve been so busy! Let me know if you try any of my recs from today!


  2. First, I don’t get email notifications of your posts anymore, which is so strange. So I don’t come here unless I “remember” lol. And that’s a longshot on any given day.

    Also, I might have to try that John Frieda. I highlight my hair a few times a year, but it’s naturally an ashy blonde, otherwise.
    I like the Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt spray.
    And I use the NoseFrida saline spray on Wells all the time. Especially when we were in WY because it was so dry. He loves it.


    1. Shoot! I haven’t heard this from anyone else yet! Definitely try the JF! I have wondered about the other products from the not your mothers line so I will try that! I’ve heard the NoseFrida is a life saver. So many new products out now! Hope you are doing well! I still check your blog regularly but can’t comment easily! Sorry!


  3. I found the tanner in my store, woot woot!
    Thanks for sharing all the things you find helpful. I always love hearing real life testimonies as opposed to advertisements.


  4. I need to try that Jergens lotion. I would love that. I love their lotions and I use the tanning one all spring/summer long. I always try different products and I have seasonal favorites as well. Ha! I hope you have a great weekend Amy!


  5. Thanks! I love your recommendations! Since I’m living in a place with four distinct seasons, I absolutely change the products I use. Sunscreen is a no in winter (we need all the sun we can get), but summertime I use it, at least in my face. I still haven’t found a self tanner I can stand, but I’m not giving up!


    1. Thank you! I bet you do need to change every season. I think new self tanner come out every year and they keep improving. I’m going to see what’s on the shelves today, actually!


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