Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and happy Thursday!  We’ve almost made it to Friday once again!  Are you a consignment shopper?  Several years ago my good friend V would show me things she purchased and they were good, good, good!  So, one summer we did a tour of several of our local boutiques.  It was so much fun!  So, now I’m a big fan and I visit three shops regularly if you are local to Louisville, Ky.  I go to Clothes Mentor, Sassy Fox, and Dunc’s.  Even my small hometown has some great consignment stores, so I bet you can find one of your own!

Here are some recent examples.  I did leave empty handed.  You have to be careful to stick to your list and not just buy something because it was cheap.

American Eagle jacket $16

Universal Thread from Target – Aren’t these slides cute?  $12

Sam Eddleman sandals $16 –  I have a similar black pair that I love

This was a brand I hadn’t heard of but thought they were super cute – $12

Jack Rogers – $16

Are you convinced yet?  Are you a consignment shopper?  I feel good shopping this way because I’m helping the environment and my pocketbook!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Shop with Me at Clothes Mentor (or your local consignment shop!)

  1. We have Style Encore here and I sell my clothes there, I love it because you get cash on the spot! I have made a few good purchases there as well. I love a great consignment store and whenever we visit a new town I look for one!


    1. That’s a good idea to hit up new shops when you travel! I have heard that the Marie Kondo craze means there’s even more to be found at consignment and thrift shops!


  2. I love the jacket, great color! I don’t shop consignment stores, but my husband takes his stuff to one, they love to see him. He purges more than I do! 😉


    1. I didn’t buy it – but it was a great jacket for the price! Lots of stuff is new with tags! You should check your local stores out! It’s really fun to find a steal!


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