Monday, March 25, 2019

Hello Monday

How was your weekend?  Mine was spent doing a lot of driving, a little Target shopping, some meal prepping, and a little bit of reading and t.v.  Friday night we stayed home and all had something different to eat.  Do you ever do that?  Hub had frozen pizza, one son had ravioli, and the other had leftovers.  

I am doing WW online and I had a homemade bean burrito, a veggie burger, and a salad.  A bit random, but it worked.  



It was a bit chilly this weekend, but it was so nice to see the sun on Saturday.  I did a baby blue manicure.  Do you have trouble with bold colors on your fingernails?  Try changing the length of your nails.  These colors look better on shorter nails in my opinion.  

I hadn’t been in Target for a couple of weeks.  I did want to let you know that the Revlon hair tool is in the store if you don’t want to order it off of Amazon.  It looks like it is about five more dollars at Target.  I’m still loving mine.  

This used to be my favorite tanning product – the mousse.  I would apply it with rubber gloves on!  But, it is $12.  

My college roomie recommended this and it’s my new favorite after using it last summer.  It is only $7 and I found it easy to use.  

In addition to my Jergen’s Wet Skin, I’m going to start doing real self tanner every few days.  I wish I had taken a before picture to show you, but I have a nice light tan going right now. 

One of my sons attended the junior prom while the other decided to see Captain Marvel with Dad.  They had so much fun and his date was so sweet.  They ate at an Asian Mexican fusion restaurant, went to prom, and then went to Waffle House after.  

I made a good breakfast this weekend.  It was half of a baked potato sauteed in a skillet with zucchini along with scrambled eggs, a sprinkle of cheese, and Everything but the bagel seasoning.  

We have 5 days until spring break!  This can feel like the longest week of the year!  

Hope you had a great weekend and have a happy Monday!



11 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I like that self tanner from Banana Boat but can you believe our Target doesn’t carry it in the store? In fact no one does around here so I had to order it online but it would only ship with a $25 purchase! I do like it though because it does dry pretty quickly.
    Your son and his date look so sweet – I love her dress! I hope these 5 days fly by so you can be on break!


    1. That’s crazy! Target has adorable swim coverups if you need me to help you find $25 to spend! Lol! There is a melon colored one with palm leaves that I have my eye on. Thank you! Her dress was perfect for their age and for the chilly weather. It was so unique. And she was just lovely all around. They had fun! Hoping it flies by, too!


    1. I can’t believe I just found it! I dropped over your spring break posts and we seriously may copy off of you. I’m wanting to go to a Spanish speaking place for the boys. Someone told us not to go because of the hurricane damage. I’m wishing we didn’t listen!


  2. The nights when everyone eats their own thing, I call them scrounge nights. I like to have one about once a week, just to have one less night of stress during the week. The husband hates it, but he’ll live.

    Not been to Target in a couple of WEEKS? I don’t understand this…


    1. That’s a good term for it! I know! I think Amazon has replaced Target for me, sadly! It makes me appreciate it more when I go less often, though. It was so packed it was unpleasant!


  3. Your son’s date’s dress, is AMAZING. So striking and classy.
    The kids are on Spring Break here this week and it’s a strange mix of empty streets but busy malls and attractions. We took Soph to the mall yesterday and it was overwhelming, even for me.


    1. Isn’t it? I loved it!
      Weird mix! The mall is not my favorite place – lol! Do you have local boutiques that you visit? That’s more my speed! Have a great week!

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  4. Your breakfast looks delicious!!!! I love that nail polish color. I need some good self tanner and haven’t tried using a mousse yet. Your son and his date look great! I hope they had a wonderful time at their prom!


    1. Thanks on both counts! The mousse is easier to apply but I like the color and price of the BB better. Yes, they did look so nice and they had a great time!


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