Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What I wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to all!  I have been bad about taking photos!  I bought a tripod but my phone won’t fit with the case on my phone!  Oh well, here you go:  

This was Monday at work.  I bought this new grey vest at for $19!  Did you read my Shop with Me at Versona post here?  I decided to check out their website and I found it very user friendly and the shipping was fast, although not free.  I’m wearing my Rothy’s, Matilda Jane pants, favorite Caslon tee from Nordstrom.


Tuesday I wore my consignment silver Seychelles booties, Matilda Jane Finn pants, Old Navy embroided sleeveless top from a couple of years ago, and my new Walmart Sofia Vergara jean jacket.  I added a couple of items to my closet in the last couple of weeks and will be showing those soon.  Also, my hair is done using the Revlon dryer/voluminizer I talked about here and that all bloggers seem to be talking about!  

And, finally, I have starting doing Weight Watchers or WW as it is now called.  I have done it in the past and lost and kept it off post twin babies.  It is really the best “lifestyle plan” out there in my humble and non-expert opinion.  I am learning the ropes and hoping to do well with it.  I have been inspired by My Glittery Heart and Preppy Empty Nester and they don’t even know who I am!  They have both recently talked about doing the program and given recipe suggestions, for which I am very grateful.  Then, my mom called and said she was doing it and offered to treat me to it and I felt that the universe was leading me this way.  I hope I can offer up some healthy meal ideas for others, too.  

Is anyone else out there doing WW?  

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and WW(Weight Watchers)

  1. You are right about WW, it really is the best lifestyle plan. I lost my baby weight at WW and then worked as a leader for 15 years. I really loved the work I did and only left because I wanted to stop working 6 days a week! I did the early Saturday morning meetings. It was nice of your mom to treat you to it!


    1. Yes! I would love to hear your meal ideas or regular meals! I thought of you, too, when I signed up! I am only doing online and the app is so user friendly!


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