Thursday, March 14, 2019

Do you have a Versona?  I know I have talked about it before, but I’m starting a new series called “Shop with Me”.  They also have a website if you don’t have access to a store.  

My Versona is at my favorite mall.  It is an outdoor mall and I can be there in about 6 minutes.  It makes it very easy to just drop in to one or two stores.  The traffic isn’t bad and it’s just easy for me.  

What first brought me in was the jewelry.  All of it is organized by color which makes it very easy to find if you are looking to match an outfit.  I thought the jewelry above was so colorful on a recent visit. The prices won’t break the bank with most being under $20 and I’ve found the quality to be pretty good.  

In the last year, I have looked more closely at their clothing and now have several favorites from there.  They carry many brands that our local boutiques have but at better prices. They also have a decent sale rack. I’m very cautious with sale racks because I find that I buy something just because it’s cheap and not because I truly need or love it. Most of the items are $29 or $25 that I have purchased. I also think you won’t see everyone and their sister wearing these pieces.

Here are some of my favorites:

Hope you get a chance to check Versona or out!


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