Hello Monday

Monday, March 4, 2019

Hello!  Going into the weekend, I only knew that my boys had social plans and I only had one plan for Sunday.  I managed to squeeze in some fun for me and some good quality time with my husband.  I also managed to dust, vacuum, meal prep, do laundry, and read.  So, it was basically my perfect weekend!  How about you?  

Friday my friend texted about checking out a new boutique that was having an open house in the cute little neighborhood of Norton Commons.  It is actually two boutiques called Spark and Blu that are sharing a space.  They had wine and snacks and special discounts.  I forgot to take pictures.  My friend H found a few things, but I just enjoyed looking.  See, I can do it!  

Our husbands met us at Citizen 7 which is a Mexican restaurant.  It was too short, but it was nice to catch up with them.  Margarita and fish tacos for me.  I preferred the grilled fish over the fried fish.  

I had dropped off theater son at a different Mexican restaurant to eat with his Annie castmates so husband left dinner and picked him up and I followed shortly after.  

Saturday morning, my husband and boys went to an arcade game expo.  I put on the fanny pack and cleaned with some podcasts.  Do you have a fanny pack?  It is really great for holding your phone and other things.  Do I wear it in public?  Not really!  

They came home, we watched basketball game and other t.v. and lounged and then our other son had plans for a movie.  We dropped him off and then my husband picked a new to us restaurant and we really liked it.  

I tried the Spicy Pineapple drink.  It was good!  

We ordered cheese curds, split a burger with brie and fried onions, and a salad with an amazing champagne vinagrette.  Splitting is the way to go, we think!  

We had some more time to kill, so we went to my husband’s favorite outdoor clothing store and just clothing store in general, Quest.  It is locally owned so that is great!  He found a couple of things and was a happy boy.  

Our son’s movie was at the mall and we killed a bit more time walking around – wow, we felt old and out of it at this mall.  

Sunday morning we had some light snow.  

I made a fancy coffee!  

I did some meal prep!  

Theater son had a Shakespeare monologue competition so I took him and my husband picked him up.  Unfortunately I had a prior engagement and couldn’t watch him perform.  He was probably o.k. with that!  

My sweet friend B had invited me to go to a sign painting place.  This is what I chose  below, but in our initials.  I will let you know how it turns out.  I’m not very crafty.  


How was your weekend?  What’s on the agenda for this week?  We have a busy one as usual.  We have 4 five day weeks until spring break.  It will go by fast, I’m sure.  I have an easy Mardi Gras meal idea for you tomorrow!  

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I have a belt with a small zipper pouch I use when I run – it’s not as big as a fanny pack but for all intents and purposes that’s what it is – I use it when I mow the lawn or do other chores so I can listen to music or podcasts. You had a great weekend and y’all have so many interesting restaurants! We never split meals because my husband likes bringing home leftovers – ha! I like ordering off the app menu and I love HH because the portions are smaller!


    1. Same thing! They are very convenient!
      I don’t want leftovers – they aren’t as good from a restaurant in my opinion. I love ordering off the apps – perfect portions and things I like more!


  2. I need a good weekend. The boys and I were all sick last week, so this was a recovery weekend. And hoping/praying that the husband didn’t come down with a raging case of man flu.


    1. Haha! Yes, there are some cute ones at sporting goods stores – a zebra print one! There are designer high fashion ones, too!


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