Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Friday, March 1, 2019

Happy Friday and Happy March!  

This will be short and sweet today!

I love my new tiered tray.  Mine is not cute like others, but more functional right now. I have coffee and some St. Patrick’s Day plates and napkins.  It is a nice space saver for the kitchen table.  

I added an outdoor St. Patrick’s Day flag.  I will be showing my decor next week!  I do minimal decor for January, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Derby!  That makes it so that I change my living room decor once a month.  It mainly involves my mantel and hall table but it makes me happy!  

I ordered some reasonably priced tortoiseshell sunglasses from a new to me company called Knockaround.  These were under $25 and I really like them! Go here to check them out.  

Remember the Target cleaner that smells like the Capri Volcano cleaner?  Well, it looks like there is a whole line by Smartly that is very reasonably priced.  I picked up a 1.99 body wash and a .99 handsoap.  

I bought both in this rainshower scent.  

How was your week?
Any fun weekend plans?  

We are busy!  My boys are getting active social lives and it’s fun to see!  We may have some snow coming in, but we will see!

Happy, happy weekending!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Happy weekend and thanks for a great post! My week has been very nice, three days of work in the cabin and two days of slow city life (nice lunch, some shopping). I thought I would do so much this week, but you know how it is… time flies! The fun plan for the weekend is to see “Alita Battle Angel” (yes, my family is into films like that!).


  2. Happy Weekend! I am knackered and just catching up with my regular life.
    I love your tier, it’s charming!
    I guess its time to put away my sparkly sticks and exchange them for something else 🙂 I like to decorate throughout the themes too. Have a great Sunday!


    1. I hear you! Catching up on regular life here too!
      It’s fun to decorate and you can do it on a dime!
      Look around and see what you already have in the desired color!

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    1. Thanks! Check out Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot or just your grocery store. I saw some cute and cheap stuff there. Have a great week!


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