Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tuesday Tips

O.k., I should have posted this last week, but for those of you who are often winging dinner like me – maybe this will help!  

I like to have themed dinners and celebrate the small holidays.  I have never been to actual Mardi Gras, but my husband loves Cajun food (RIP our favorite Joe’s OK Bayou that went out of business)  and it can be easy for a quick week night meal.  

Zatarain’s and Tony Cachere’s make these rice mixes and you can add chicken or sausage to them.  We also use Cajun spice on everything.  We love it on our green vegetables, especially.  

So, Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and our Tuesdays are really busy.  In fact, this Tuesday, one son won’t be home until 8:30. I will probably pack his dinner.  

I’m doing jambalaya and turkey sausage, rolls, and a green vegetable.  

For dessert, I’m faking a king cake with cinnamon rolls and dying the icing yellow, green, and purple.  There will be no baby inside.  

What do you think?  Would your family eat this meal?  


11 thoughts on “Celebrate Mardi Gras!

    1. My husband is more of a fan than I am, but I like it! Yes! King cake! We used to have a French teacher that had a huge Mardi Gras feast in her classes and I always got some from her. She is my teacher BFF and changed schools after 17 years together! So sad! Happy day to you!


  1. I’d eat that. My husband would devour it. I would steal the makeshift King Cake and hide in a closet while eating it.


      1. Sometimes, yeah. We try to do a new recipe every week. It’s just hard finding things all four of us like.


  2. What a great idea and the turkey sausage is good too! I love the zatarains red beans and rice, maybe some ham cubes in it?
    I’ve had a kouign-amann cake in France but I don’t think it’s like a king cake which I’ve never had.


    1. Thank you! Oooh, ham cubes would be great and even easier than the sausage!
      I think the King Cake tastes just like a cinnamon roll.


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