Tuesday, Februrary 26, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about something pretty personal that doesn’t get talked about often on the blogs I read.  

Today I’m going to talk about that nasty five letter word in all of our lives – MONEY.  But, I hope to relate it to the thing that we are all really after and that is TIME.  Have you ever thought about how the two go hand in hand and can really affect your quality of life?  

Have you ever done a spending diary?  You most likely have.  It’s eye opening.  

Have you ever taken a time inventory?  Maybe not.  How much time do you spend during the day on things that really don’t match your values?  How much time gets wasted?  I’m almost scared to do this exercise!  

Sometimes I think that my blog may give a false impression.  I’m actually a pretty frugal person.  Now, I don’t think I’m cheap.  And, there is a distinction.  Frugal to me means that I save money where I can to put my money where my values lie.  Cheap to me means that I skimp on things that I shouldn’t.  That’s how I interpret it.  

I value gifts to the ones I love.  I value experiences.  I value travel.  I value education and educational activities for my kids.  I value quality products. I value well made home furnishings that will last.  I value quality healthy foods.  I could go on and on.  

Here are things I don’t spend money on:  (Please know that I don’t judge you if you do.  We all have different lifestyles and all must make our own choices on how we spend our time and money.  The interesting thing here is that sometimes when you save money, you also save time! I also understand I’m very lucky to have the choice to be frugal when many do not.  There are so many people barely scraping by.)

-I do not go to the dry cleaners.  My husband and boys might go once a year for their dress clothes. I don’t have anything that requires dry cleaning.  This saves me money and an errand.  

-I don’t buy books for myself.  I only use the public library.  I don’t make a special trip, but rather just do a pick up or drop off when I am driving by anyway.  I don’t have to find space on my shelves for books that I won’t read again.  I do have cookbooks and a few special books.  

-I do not go to a nail salon for manicures anymore.  I sometimes buy a new polish, but I do my nails myself.  I don’t have time for an hour plus appointment at this stage in my life during the school year and it gives me something to do while I watch t.v.

-I wash all of our clothes on cold and I line dry most of my nicer clothes.  I rarely iron, but rather just use Downy Wrinkle release and hang them.  I also take things out of the dryer immediately if I can and hang it.  Who wants to spend time ironing?  

-Recently I gave up my Bath and Body habit.  I was spending way too much for candles I didn’t need when I already had several and the soaps are really expensive even when you do their deals.  These are my Kroger’s spring scents.  I bought 4 for the price of one B and B soap.  

-I meal plan and use up the food we have.  I use coupons and the rewards checks that come in the mail.  I use online shopping to stick to my list and avoid temptations.  

-I sell my clothes to consignment shops and shop consignment shops.  There is so much good stuff to be found.

-I visit garage sales when I can.  Again, there is some good stuff to be found.  

-I bring my lunch to school every day. I don’t have time to go out and get anything anyway.  That’s why I can treat myself to a happy hour a couple of times a month.  And, I can go out to eat with friends a couple of times a month.  

-I make my own coffee at school and rarely buy coffee at a coffee shop.  It feels more like a treat when I do buy it.  You can make your coffee more fancy at home by adding flavored creamers, whipped cream, or a bit of hot cocoa mix.  

-I keep each cell phone until it dies.  I really don’t care about the latest and greatest.  

Are you a frugal person?  Is frugality important to you?  

Thanks for reading! 



9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip- Money and Time

  1. That’s fun, here I am on the other side of the Atlantic, and I go around my business almost exactly like you. I do not shop in consignment stores, but that is because there are no good ones where I live. When the kids were smaller I bought some second hand clothes, but not anymore. And well, I mostly buy books, but I used to go to the library a lot. I managed to do my whole education without buying a single book, I borrowed all of them! One new expense is the cabin that we recently took over from my parents, a house is expensive to run! But the fresh air, the boat, the ocean, the woods – it’s priceless!


    1. That’s so cool! I save where I can so we can afford some small luxuries. It’s all about choices. The cabin will be expensive but will bring you so much joy. I’m sorry you don’t have good consignment stores but the older I get the more I realize I don’t need that much in my closet if it’s quality and I love what I have. Have a great day!


  2. Yes, I do consider myself frugal in much the same way you do. I don’t spend money on most things my friends do and prefer to spend in other areas. I don’t get my nails done, don’t do the dry cleaner unless it’s a special occasion piece, and only go to the coffee shop if I have a gift card. my friends get botox and fillers but those are so $$$ I just can’t do it. I sell my clothes and reinvest the money. There are still may areas I can do better in though!


    1. I forgot about other beauty treatments – yes, I save money there too. I only get my hair done a handful of times a year, too. I actually love saving money and it’s a challenge. I definitely have areas to improve, too.


  3. I love this! I live in a little rural town and our library kind of sucks…hahaha! New to them might be seven years old so I do have a kindle and buy a lot of my books. I paint my nails at home. Another way I save money is not eating out frequently and also using grocery pickup which has saved a lot of money because of impulse buys. I loved all of your tips!


  4. I love this post! I try to be frugal in many areas of our household, and it allows us to enjoy more travel etc. I do many of these things: the dry cleaner, nails at home, meal planning, and not buying coffee very often. We also do the house cleaning, pool and lawn. These are services that most people in our community pay for, so I figure I am saving our family hundreds of dollars by doing these myself. I also use the library extensively, and we have saved money by cutting cable. The list goes on and on. Great idea for a post!


    1. Thank you Tanya! I feel the same – be frugal where you can so you can enjoy some luxuries. I can’t cut cable! I know many who do and many I can eventually but I still like so many channels.


    2. It is cheaper to live in a small town but yes, you may not have some of the resources that a big city like mine has. Also, your stores are limited. Thank you!


  5. I definitely consider myself to be frugal. I don’t buy clothes anymore if I don’t have a specific reason (lately, it’s been workout clothes that I’ve bought…at Walmart, because they’re cute). With my shift in lifestyle, I don’t need a ton of clothes that I likely won’t wear and I don’t think I’ve bought shoes since July?
    I also don’t spend a ton on home furnishings if we’re not in our forever home. Specific curtains or certain furniture or wall hangs are pointless if they can’t move with us!


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