Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I want to apologize in advance – I don’t have great outfit pictures this week.  But, hey, do I ever?  I have been super busy and worried that I’m bugging my colleagues to take my photo!  Maybe I should get a tripod?  

Let’s start with last Thursday – Black Matilda Jane pants, Versona camo tee, and a sweater.  I think I wore my Rothy’s flats every day.  You guessed it, the sweater came off at school.  

My Matilda Jane pants continue to be such work horses for my closet.  I know they don’t fit everyone’s style, but I have already gotten my money’s worth.  I get tons of compliments on them.  They are super comfortable and unique.  I got two at consignment for $20 and bought two new for $58 each. They are comfortable and nice quality.  


Friday I wore Hue jeggings, my Bobeau burgundy butter tee, and this velvet Kimono – and, my Rothy’s, too!  img_5656

I went out to dinner Saturday night and it was raining so my footwear was limited, which led to tough clothing decisions.  I really am lacking cute going out blouses in my wardrobe .  I am trying to show more weekend wear.  I wore black pants, my black Tory Burch flats because of the rain – I always wear black in the rain!  I wore a mustard Old Navy boho shirt and a black vest.  Sorry for the cheesy photo.  I sent it to our other friend who couldn’t come.  img_5688

For the drag brunch Sunday, I wore my black Matilda Jane fin pants (these are more basic pants, but with some cute layers at the bottom), Rothy’s, my favorite 3/4 length tee, and black vest again.  I was very comfortable but again, I felt that I didn’t have a very good selection of February going out clothes!  img_5700

Monday at school I wore Target camo leggings, long tunic top from Amazon, and the black vest again.  And, look at my shoes.  I’ve been spoiled by the Rothy’s and can’t bear to wear the other less comfortable shoes anymore!  The lighting is weird and I look like I’m floating on them!  On this day, I got the sweetest compliment from a teenager at school that I don’t know.  She told me that she loved this outfit and that I always look great.  Wow, I needed that.  I have not felt like I looked great lately in my chosen outfits.  What a sweetie!  img_5729

And, finally on Tuesday, I wore a different vest – charcoal grey, the same 3/4 sleeve top from Sunday, my brown MJ pants, Rothy’s and a light scarf.  Now is the time of year when I break out my lightweight scarves.  

So, maybe I should dedicate this week to Matilda Jane, Rothy’s, and vests!  

What was your favorite outfit?  


4 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I like all of your outfits, especially the ones with camo. The color flatters you and your hair color pops! I’ll be interested in hearing how the Rothys are in hot weather, I feel like they would make my feet sweat since we get temps in the 110s in the summer time.


    1. Thank you! I don’t think I will wear them then. As soon as it warms up I’m all open toe all the time! I see them as fall and spring and winter only! That is hot!


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