Friday, February 22, 2019

Happy Friday! Still having trouble with link ups, but here I am! My favorites this week included: in the above photo my 30 minutes on Monday.

Below: I am enjoying this book. It’s a little different – a severely agoraphobic girl moves to London!

I love Bravo tv channel. I can’t wait for Summer House to come back – group of 20-30 year olds rent a house in The Hamptons for the summer season. Do you watch it?

And, I’m super excited about Bravo’s Mexican Dynasties. Both shows start in the next few weeks!

Have you tried Ipsy? You get 5 beauty products a month for $10. This nail color came in my February package.

And finally, did you hear it is National Margarita Day today? Ok, twist my arm!

How was your week? Any favorites? Any fun weekend plans?

Cheers to Friday!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. One of these days I’ll take up reading on the regular. Though if memory serves me correctly, the only 2 books I’ve read recently have been your suggestions. I guess I should listen to you more often.

    I LOVE Ipsy. This month was especially great. I got a perfect lip gloss, and THE taupe eye shadow that I’ve been hunting for FOREVER! I’ve thought about trying Boxycharm since they always send full-size products. But if they’re products I don’t like, it’s just a waste. At least with Ipsy if I don’t like the stuff, it’s not a big loss.


    1. I love to read, but I’m picky! My Ipsy bag has different stuff but I’ve discovered such great products and easily one out of the five is well worth $10. I haven’t heard of that other beauty bag. It’s been fun but what do I do with all of these pouches?


  2. What a GREAT idea to put National Margarita Day just when you need it in miserable old February – enjoy one for me! BTW that Mexican dynasties thing – all those women on these ‘rich but tasteless’ programmes (hahaha!) are starting to look the same haha! Have a lovely weekend – Joanne xx


    1. Thank you! I just read yours and I’ve heard good things about Sephora play. That’s so nice that you and your daughter share! Happy weekend!


  3. Enjoy your weekend! I also prescribe for a beauty box every month, it’s such a treat every time it shows up, I love it. They come in the most beautiful boxes, and they are piling up in the bathroom, it’s impossible to throw away such cute boxes! I guess you have a bunch to choose from the in the US, over here there’s only one brand, it makes it easier to choose I guess :-).


    1. Ooh I like the idea is beautiful boxes for storage. Ipsy comes in a little zipper pouch. I think I will start giving them to my nieces with little gifts inside. You could do the same with your boxes – use for gifts? Happy weekend!


      1. That’s a great idea, to use them for gifts. I have also brought boxes to school for pens and utensils. Always fun since they are seasonal, you know love for February and so on.


      2. Always need storage for school! I really need to clean out stuff in my classroom! The kids appreciate seasonal decor and they want the classroom to be pleasing to the eye! And, my high schoolers want the rooms to smell good! Haha!


    1. Hope you like the book! You will have to try my short cut margarita virgin style – crystal light lemonade and Fresca! Add a fresh lime slice! Yum! Thank you and you have a great one, too.


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