Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Hey sweet readers!  How are you?  I’m counting the minutes until Friday to be honest!  So, I have gotten the best recommendations from the blogs I read.  I especially trust my bloggers who don’t do sponsored posts and aren’t getting paid to say they like a product.  (Just keeping it real, folks!)  I have no reason to recommend any of my products other than to help my readers.  Please leave me any recommendations in the comments because I love hearing what you love.

First of all, I visited my favorite consignment shop during their President’s 20% off sale.  The whole store was 20% off of their already reasonable prices!  I picked up this jacket/kimono for $6, guys.  That’s about the price of a latte!  

It is a Target brand that I don’t think is around anymore?  It had a bit of an Anthropologie vibe.  

And, I wore it yesterday!  If I don’t wear a purchase immediately, it goes back to the store.  Are you like that?  

Lipsense – no, I do not sell it, but I really do love the stuff.  It really stays put and is $20 for a color.  It is supposed to be equivalent to 4 tubes of lipstick.  I don’t know about that, but I will say it lasts me a really long time.  If you need a dealer (ha, ha!), leave me a comment.  

I love this foundation!  I need decent coverage but it’s really light feeling.  It’s about $40 and I think it will last me a good 6 months.  No, I don’t abide by those rules about throwing out makeup – at least not foundation.  Mascara is a different story – don’t take chances with your ojos!

I don’t love the sweatshirt.  It is a bit too long on me and the neck comes up too high.  (Amazon)

I love, love, love the earrings and have worn the heck out of them!  They are such good quality!  (Amazon)


I love my Rothy’s!  They have spoiled all other flats for me!  My co-worker also has the same color and is ordering another pair this week.  They are super expensive, but they are really great flats in my opinion.  I played it safe with this mocha color, but I really wish I had picked a fun color or pattern, too. 


The Hofi pockets leggings from Amazon were a great purchase.  I wear them at least once every weekend.  My sister in law now owns 3 pairs – navy, hot pink, and black.  They are good!  

Did you like this post?  I will try to do more follow ups if you liked this!  


20 thoughts on “Recent Purchases and Updates on Purchases

  1. That was a great post, thanks! I can tell you have spring feelings, and I feel the same! I love this period of the year, when everything is in front of you! And that is why I don’t follow your rule to wear everything I buy immediately – yesterday I purchased a lovely knee length red skirt that I won’t be able to wear until May. But I love to look at it and dream about bare legs, red skirt and white trainers!


    1. Thank you! I forgot about seasonal exceptions to my wear it right away rule! Yes, I’m dreaming of spring but the dreary weather keeps my students more focused. When the weather warms up they get spring fever!


      1. LOL, agree! My students are really tired right now, easier to control them :-D. But I teach middle school kids, and they can sometimes react to tiredness by winding themselves up…


    1. Will do! If you hate lipstick coming off on your cups and want a real long lasting product you will love it.
      Sending you an email in a bit. I loved Knox Rose too and had a couple of things. Why would they get rid of it?


  2. I like posts like this a lot…especially ones that aren’t all affiliate-linked!
    I like camo sweatshirt from Amazon so I’m going to look for it…

    I also like the Knox Rose brand. I got an open cardigan there last winter for maybe $13 on clearance? It became my post-partum go-to. I wore it constantly over tshirts because it wasn’t form-fitting.


  3. I keep considering Rothy’s so I do appreciate your photos and opinions on them. I tried Tieks and returned them – that elastic back wasn’t comfortable to me. I loved all their colors and stuff so I was disappointed.


    1. The Rothys are way more comfortable than my consignment Tieks. But the Rothys material makes your feet stink. Or at least mine. I don’t care though. I have not looked into odor eaters yet and I haven’t tried to wash them yet. If you are a flats person I think you would like them! Let me know if you pull the trigger!


  4. Ah, the Charlotte Tilbury foundation. If I’m ever near a store that sells it, I’ll try to pick up a sample. I’m pretty doggone happy with my Physician’s Formula The Healthy Foundation. About $13ish. But I’m admittedly a bit of a foundation whore and willing to stray.

    I love the look of Knox Rose clothes. But everything I’ve ever tried on has made me look like a square sack of taters. So color me jealous.


    1. I will have to try that foundation! See, I love tips from other people! I look like a sack of potatoes many days but I have to get dressed. Still learning what looks best!


  5. So much good stuff! I love the Rothy’s and want to order some. That cardigan is so cute. I also love those earrings, they would go with so many outfits and be such a fun accessory!


  6. The cardigan/jacket is such a great find! I don’t remember the Knox Rose brand from Target, but it definitely has an Anthro vibe. I recently ordered the Shadowsense (for eyes) and it really stays put, even on my sometimes watery eyes. I totally agree about the sponsored posts etc. And I have found so many great things through other bloggers like you!


  7. I love the look of that lipstick! I’ll have to look for it here.
    If all goes well my fashion sense may have to come back. I have a job interview tomorrow.
    I’m fantasizing about all the new clothes I’ll have to buy, ha ha!


  8. I love a good rec!!! And I was just saying to myself to learn to enjoy blogs without buying all.the.things!!😂 Anyway I do enjoy your recommendations and the fact that they’re products you like and not sponsored! I didn’t know Target had discontinued Knox Rose.. I loved that style.


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