What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Happy hump day, people!  How is it almost the end of February?  January seemed 3 months long and now February seems like it is only taking 2 weeks!  

How has your week been so far?  Mine has been good, but I’m fighting a little cold.  

Let’s go back to last Tuesday (I guess I forgot it for last week’s post).  This outfit did not photograph well.  It was very mild out and I was comfortable, but I don’t know now if this worked.  I’m wearing my Rothy’s (still love, by the way!), my Chico’s pants (very old and from consignment shop), my new Anthro anatola tunic, and a very old Loft vest that I got for like $6 on clearance.


Wednesday I needed to wear my heart scarf.  I wore my royal blue 3/4 length top, a white sweater and the scarf with black pants.  

Thursday I thought this looked red and festive enough for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open apparently.  These are my Matilda Jane Fin pants, my Free People Nordstrom top, my MIA clogs, and an old Walmart $2 necklace.  

Then, yesterday, I wore jeans because we are having a jeans week for a fundraiser, and a light green LulaRoe perfect tee with a kimono.  My long necklace was a gift from senior girls last year.  I had on my Rothy’s again.  

Monday after I finished with Parent Teacher Conferences, my boys had plans.  One went to an ice cream shop and one went to play Laser tag with friends.  I had about 30 minutes in between and went to my favorite Spanish tapas restaurant for a glass of wine – just one.  I fully intended to sit at the bar and watch the cooks – they have an open kitchen that is fun to watch.  But, they had this fire going in the enclosed patio.  So, I want to leave you with this.  

Even in the midst of a busy week, try to find some pockets of time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the simple things in life.  This was a good 30 minutes of quiet and calm for me and I had the patio to myself.  

Cheers to you, readers!  

What have you worn this week?  How do you find pockets of time for yourself?  


13 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I just love that you took the time to treat yourself to a glass of wine! Whenever I have time to kill I rarely treat myself, instead I fill it up with something else. It is good to recharge and relax. Thanks for the inspo!


    1. Thank you! As soon as it warms up a bit I need to be walking outside or ask friends to go on a walking and catch up date! I wasn’t exhausted Monday like I am after a full day of teaching six classes. I just sat at my desk all day during conferences. It makes a big difference! You will need to practice self care in the coming weeks.


  2. I love your outfits! They all look so cute. We can only wear jeans on Friday. But I love my jeans on Friday. I hope your conferences went well and I also hope that you are feeling better soon!


  3. Let’s see, today I wore a fetching pink Red Spot sweatshirt jacket and jeans. Yesterday, I wore a Red Spot sweatshirt with jeans. Monday, I wore…a Red Spot sweatshirt with jeans.

    Such is the life of a factory office worker.

    But hey…my makeup has been on point.

    You need to take me shopping sometime. 🙂


    1. Do you like a uniform? It would save money and make mornings easier! I have great consignment stores here and I’m also trying to plan a cousin retreat!


      1. Oh, uniforms absolutely make like easier. Especially since I have zero fashion sense. lol

        I’m really looking forward to the cousin retreat. My liver not so much…


  4. I’ve been forcing (“forcing”) myself to read for at least 20 minutes a day. Sometimes this turns into a lot more, but it’s more productive than just scrolling Twitter during naptime (for the entirety of naptime anyway), which is all I really want to do and completely zone out.

    A glass of wine at a tapas bar sounds wonderful!


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