What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Happy hump day, people!  How is it almost the end of February?  January seemed 3 months long and now February seems like it is only taking 2 weeks!  

How has your week been so far?  Mine has been good, but I’m fighting a little cold.  

Let’s go back to last Tuesday (I guess I forgot it for last week’s post).  This outfit did not photograph well.  It was very mild out and I was comfortable, but I don’t know now if this worked.  I’m wearing my Rothy’s (still love, by the way!), my Chico’s pants (very old and from consignment shop), my new Anthro anatola tunic, and a very old Loft vest that I got for like $6 on clearance.


Wednesday I needed to wear my heart scarf.  I wore my royal blue 3/4 length top, a white sweater and the scarf with black pants.  

Thursday I thought this looked red and festive enough for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open apparently.  These are my Matilda Jane Fin pants, my Free People Nordstrom top, my MIA clogs, and an old Walmart $2 necklace.  

Then, yesterday, I wore jeans because we are having a jeans week for a fundraiser, and a light green LulaRoe perfect tee with a kimono.  My long necklace was a gift from senior girls last year.  I had on my Rothy’s again.  

Monday after I finished with Parent Teacher Conferences, my boys had plans.  One went to an ice cream shop and one went to play Laser tag with friends.  I had about 30 minutes in between and went to my favorite Spanish tapas restaurant for a glass of wine – just one.  I fully intended to sit at the bar and watch the cooks – they have an open kitchen that is fun to watch.  But, they had this fire going in the enclosed patio.  So, I want to leave you with this.  

Even in the midst of a busy week, try to find some pockets of time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the simple things in life.  This was a good 30 minutes of quiet and calm for me and I had the patio to myself.  

Cheers to you, readers!  

What have you worn this week?  How do you find pockets of time for yourself?  


13 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I just love that you took the time to treat yourself to a glass of wine! Whenever I have time to kill I rarely treat myself, instead I fill it up with something else. It is good to recharge and relax. Thanks for the inspo!


    1. Thank you! As soon as it warms up a bit I need to be walking outside or ask friends to go on a walking and catch up date! I wasn’t exhausted Monday like I am after a full day of teaching six classes. I just sat at my desk all day during conferences. It makes a big difference! You will need to practice self care in the coming weeks.


  2. I love your outfits! They all look so cute. We can only wear jeans on Friday. But I love my jeans on Friday. I hope your conferences went well and I also hope that you are feeling better soon!


  3. Let’s see, today I wore a fetching pink Red Spot sweatshirt jacket and jeans. Yesterday, I wore a Red Spot sweatshirt with jeans. Monday, I wore…a Red Spot sweatshirt with jeans.

    Such is the life of a factory office worker.

    But hey…my makeup has been on point.

    You need to take me shopping sometime. 🙂


    1. Do you like a uniform? It would save money and make mornings easier! I have great consignment stores here and I’m also trying to plan a cousin retreat!


  4. I’ve been forcing (“forcing”) myself to read for at least 20 minutes a day. Sometimes this turns into a lot more, but it’s more productive than just scrolling Twitter during naptime (for the entirety of naptime anyway), which is all I really want to do and completely zone out.

    A glass of wine at a tapas bar sounds wonderful!


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