Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday Tips

Are you ready to pack away the winter clothing?  Or, do you leave all seasons out all year?  I feel like the weather is all over the place and we really could do that these days!  I don’t deal well with visual clutter.  I like to have a smallish wardrobe to pull from for each season.

I have already packed away:  

-anything Christmasey

-anything velour – except my Matilda Jane pants

-anything flannel/plaid (my classroom is just too hot)

-my two turtlenecks (same reason as above)

-my super heavy sweaters

As I was thinking about my spring wish list, I went to my extra closet to see my spring stuff from last year.  I pulled out anything that I wasn’t excited about and anything that I probably should have gotten rid of before packing it away.  

Now, I’m not ready to move anything to my main closet yet, but this was a good reminder about what I already had so I don’t buy multiples of anything.  

This year, I took this exercise one step further.  I pulled out the things that I wore the most last spring and asked myself why and if I still felt the same about it.  Why was something such a good workhorse for my closet?  I will also use that information to drive future purchases.

Spring 2019 Wishlist and/or Trends I’m excited about:

Kimonos – I’m happy to say that I’m still seeing kimonos in the stores!  These are so easy to throw on over a knit dress or you can wear them with a graphic tee and jeans or do the monochromatic look underneath with matching top and pants for a flattering line and throw the kimono over it.

Neon – I could see myself doing this in a small way like with earrings, bracelet or a light spring scarf.

Tie-dye – I love tie-dye and have a hoodie and a blouse.  I might add more because I love it so much.  You can do this trend in a non-hippie way with lighter colors.

Coral – the Pantone color of the year – I really like this color for spring and it looks sharp with white or navy.  I can see myself adding something in this color – maybe a blouse.  

Fancy flats – Yes!  I love flats and I wouldn’t mind some fancy ones!  I also like the mule trend.  

Crochet – I’m not going to be wearing a crocheted bikini top but I can see a clutch or a crossbody in my future.

Fringe – I have loved fringe for many seasons now.  Give me a poncho, kimono, or a purse with fringe all day long.

Biker shorts – This trend intrigues me and I have seen them with suit jackets or blazers.  Um, no thanks.  But, I might be able to see wearing biker shorts with a top that covers the rump?

Feathers – I love feathers!  I have leather feather earrings!

Earth tones – I’m more of a bright color person, but I may be able to embrace some earth tones.  

Now, I’m sure this list is not exhaustive.  I will probably be talking more about trends as spring approaches.

My Personal Wish List:

-some cropped jeans with an interest hem or fringed hems

-an olive or blush military style jacket

-a moto jacket in olive or blush

-Birkenstocks in rose gold perhaps?

-a casual white top or blouse in boho style 

What about you? Have you moved any winter clothes out yet?  Have you inventoried your spring stuff?  What trends are you excited to try?  

Thanks for reading!



16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Let’s start talking about Spring clothing!

  1. It’s still nothing but cold and snowy here! Still wearing all the winter clothes, but now I’ll start thinking spring 😊 I’m loving the idea of coral and blush!


    1. We have a winter weather advisory tonight! I’m so over the cold – I will continue to warm up by looking at spring clothes – lol! Thanks for commenting and have a great day!


    1. I use part of boy closet and guest room closets! I’m lucky that I’m the only girl I guess!
      We have basement but I don’t store any clothes there. As much as I love clothes I don’t think I have that many!


  2. Weather is ugh! We had 91 on Friday (of course, it was a work day) and been cold every since then. I joked on Facebook that my self-tanner didn’t even have time to develop before it got cold again. Yes to the rose gold Birks – think I might get some too. And Kimonos are always a yes. Funny thing though, I collect them and don’t wear them. Need to fix that. I feel the EXACT same way about fringe that you do – is it all the years of watching Cher on TV that did that to us? haha! You aren’t even old enough to blame that on but that’s my story. Give me all the fringe. All of it.
    Happy Tuesday!


    1. Oh wow that is hot! But I would feel I wasted my self tanner too! I love rose gold! I had fake target ones and wore them a bunch! I think I would have been a hippie because I just love all of that 70s boho vibe! Love Cher! Lol! Thanks for commenting!


    1. I can’t wait to see your jacket! Go for it on white jeans! I wrote a post on how to wear white jeans! Just go for it but don’t eat spaghetti in them or anything crazy! Don’t wear in the rain – just common sense stuff!


  3. I want a pair of birkenstocks so bad. I am thinking black…or maybe brown…or maybe both…Hahaha! I also would love the rose gold ones. I love that coral is the color of the year. Great spring fashion tips!


  4. I love coral and boho!!! I’ve put the plaid to the side as well. I’ve started to sneak in some floral scarves so there’s a little pop of spring there! I’ve never had a pair of Bierks! May have to wish for a pair!


    1. I do too! Yes, plaid seems too winter for me now! It will be March in 8 days! You should try some Birkenstock’s on. Not everyone loves them but I have had at least one pair for 20 plus years bc my husband is German. I bought a pair in Germany once, too. They are really good quality. I have two pairs from consignment stores. Maybe I will do a whole post on them! Haha!


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