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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Do you have special plans for today or tonight?  This year it is just a normal Thursday for me.  I have to work and run kids around and figure out dinner.  I may do something fun for takeout.  We don’t really do gifts for our kids.  Some years I do some favorite candy at dinner for everyone, but that’s about it.  My husband and I exchange small gifts some years.  This year, I just want to go out with him over the weekend because it’s been a few weeks. 

But, today, I thought I would talk about things in life I’m loving right now.  I like to practice gratitude every day and try to look for the positive.  

Little back story:

I’m a wife, mom to 16 year old identical twin boys who are juniors in high school, dog mom, high school Spanish teacher.

-Hearing my theater son singing in the shower – belting out songs from Annie the musical that he will be in this spring

-watching my sons change the trash without being asked and do general chores around the house that need to be done without being asked

-staying light out until 6:30 – really makes a difference when driving home from activities

-my sweet dog getting up when I do – 5 am during the week and 6-7 am on weekends. We have our routine together and he is such a sweet companion


Part of my Valentine’s decor is this portrait.  Why didn’t I put them in red?  It’s so hard to believe they used to be this small.  

-my Valentines minimal decor and getting excited to switch out to St. Patrick’s Day in a few days

-my public library website: every time I get a book rec I put in a request and each week one comes up ready for me to pick up.  I can’t even imagine how much money this has saved me (and given me more money for clothing, shoes, and accessories!), and how many hours of pleasure I have gotten from reading


-one of my sons becoming so adventurous with food – ordered salmon and split eggplant parmesan with me lately

-my husband getting over his cold. When the mom is sick nothing changes but when the dad is sick – watch out! Lol!

-looking at all the spring clothes and shoes in stores and online and checking out new styles.  I want all the white tops and blouses and put in an order from with the last of my gift card


-catching a glimpse of daffodils peeking out through the ground while walking Ernie this week

How will you celebrate today?  What have you been loving? What has made you happy?

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Loving Right Now

  1. This morning my daughters got a heartshaped keychain to put on their rucksacks. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts (just love :-)). Hopefully the supermarket will have a yummy heartshaped “smörgåstårta” (yes, google it!) that we can have for dinner. Something that really makes me happy is to think about the travels we have in front of us this year (London and Florida). Do you do something extra in your school? We get candy from the students’ council, but that’s about it.


      1. Suckers and a card for ALL your students!? God, you give me a bad conscience… How many students do you have? I’ve got to shape up…!


    1. That is so nice! We could’ve squeezed it in but it would’ve been rushed. Maybe this weekend. There will be some pros to an empty nest.


  2. I love your Valentine’s decor especially with the black and white plaid too! Can’t wait for another Sophie Kinsella book!!! I too cherish one of my dogs getting up with me when I get up. They are so loyal 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. I use my library the same way. Isn’t it glorious?! In my life, as long as I have books, I’m alright ❤
    The Hubs and I went out for heart shaped pizza and went and got beer-for him- and books-for me. I'm making us steaks, baked potato, stuffed mushrooms and Caesar salad for dinner. OH! And I had apple pie w/ cheese for breakfast, ha ha ha! Happy Valentine's Day!


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