Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hey y’all!  We are halfway through the week!  Actually, I am over halfway because I am off Friday!  It is a flexible professional development day and I worked it over the summer to have it off.  Students are also off on Monday while we do Parent Teacher Conferences.  They have a four day weekend and I have a three day weekend!  

What I wore Wednesday

Here is my new Anthropologie Anatola tunic.  It is a rust color and I have already worn it twice.  It is a little big but I’m hoping to shrink it slightly in the dryer.  They didn’t have one size down but that might have been too small anyway.  It was $22 on sale and it is soooo soft.  I only have a couple of pieces from Anthro.  It is usually too expensive but I love their style.  I try to look for Anthro-like pieces at other shops.  


Here is the bag I bought on a whim last week when it popped up in my social media.  The middle is just screen printed and I thought it would be embroidered.  Oh well, I still like it.  It is really big and could be a weekender bag or a pool or boat bag.  It was around $30 from Copper Fox – a company I had never heard of.  

I tried to wear a dress last week but I was a bit self conscious with bare white legs.  I am struggling with what to wear.  It is super hot in my classroom.  

Forgive the hair below.  What can I say?  It’s been raining here for 40 days and 40 nights!  I decided to wear fun leggings with a short dress and I changed the boots to flats when I got hot.  

Friday spirit day.  The vest has my school logo and I’m wearing grey fake Hue legging jeans or jeggings.  I love the brand Hue.  These are my consignment Seychelles booties for $16 that I got a couple of weeks ago.  I was patient in waiting on grey booties and they appeared!  Haha!

I was too hot in my pink “burberry”!  It came off and I looked bad all day long.  Oh well.  

Happy hump day!  What have you been wearing, buying, or coveting?  


12 thoughts on “What I Wore and New Things

  1. Love your new purchases!! Nice color of the Anthro top. Nice outfits and I love the versatility of that pink vest! Have a great long weekend 😊


  2. Hi Amy! Nice to see your outfits! I like your stripy dress with the vest. 🙂 This is definitely the time of year when I get sooooo tired of my clothes. Since retiring, I am trying to streamline my closet so that it is more in tune with my current lifestyle, but at the same time, I I know I need nicer items in my wardrobe for wearing on special nights out, for parties, etc. This week, I purchased a black silk shirt and a T-shirt from the company, Everlane. Have you heard of them? I have never purchased anything from them until this week, so I will let you know. I like their ethical approach to fashion. I also bought a black blazer from JCrew – I have found that if all else fails, put on a black blazer. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I am so tired of my winter clothes! Everlane is supposed to be great! You are in a tough position with clothes! You only need concert clothing! Just kidding! I’m sure you will find your retired style.


  3. Bare white legs in the spring is always so awkward! I prefer the bare tanned legs in September lol.
    My classroom at my last building was always hot too…it made getting dressed annoyingly difficult.


    1. I’m so excited! Friday is hair day! I haven’t been since November 2. I think rain has finally stopped but now we are expecting snow this weekend! My husband asked if I’m ready to move south yet.


  4. Hi Amy! Nice for you with a long weekend, enjoy! If you’re moving south I gladly follow! But when it comes to clothes I’m actually enjoying my winter outfits with jeans, knitted sweaters, blazers… But it’s boring to not be able to wear my new boots from January sales, they would be ruined on the slushy pavements… We have at least six weeks left of winter, when does spring arrive at your place?


    1. I’m so excited! I don’t really want to move south! We should start getting some spring weather in March but we can also still get snow. Sad about your nice boots. I usually change shoes at work!


  5. I love the stripes and pink vest!!! Also that tote is super cute! Great steal!!!! I need to start transitioning my wardrobe into spring but we still are getting a super cold day here and there.


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