Friday, February 15 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Favorite number one has to be that I’m off school today! I’m excited to wake up slowly, drink my coffee leisurely and read your blogs!

Favorite number two is that today is hair day! I haven’t gotten my hair done since November 2, so it is much needed. Here is my fresh hair from that day.


Favorite number three is my sangria from our Cuban restaurant, Havana Rumba. I ordered this last night for our take out Valentine meal and sat at the bar while I waited.

Favorite number four is that one of my consignment stores is having 20% off of the entire store starting today through President’s Day. I follow their Instagram and here is an example of what they have. If you are local, it is Clothes Mentor.

Favorite number five was when I popped into Target to look at my favorite Universal Thread line’s spring offerings. I liked some of it, but this caught my eye. I love yellow but I’m even more excited about it lately for some reason. Maybe lack of sun around these parts? So, for $16 I brought it home.

And my final favorite is that I’ve been enjoying this on Netflix! Have you seen it?

What have been your favorites this week?

Happy Friday!


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Enjoy your day off! It is so nice to have a leisurely morning. I love fresh hair from the salon. Tonight we are going to HH with our best friends and we’ll be drinking all the sangria – gosh I love it! We have been watching The Americans on Netflix – it is soooooooo good! Have you seen it?
    Enjoy your day sweet friend!


    1. Thank you! Enjoy your Monday off! Sangria is just so good! No, I haven’t seen that show. I will check it out! Happy weekending and HH! I love happy hour!


  2. No three day weekend here in Sweden, but we have a “sports break” coming up in one week, so I have nothing to complain about! Other favorites this week is that it’s very warm for the season (45°!), my husband bought me a nice Vera Wang perfume for Valentine’s, I’m reading a good book (Slightly south of simple – have you read it?) and last but not least – I’m enjoying a lazy morning in the sofa in front of the tv!


      1. I guess “sports break” is equivalent to your spring break. But instead of having fun in the sun the school kids are supposed to enjoy winter activities like skiing and skating. When our kids were younger we went to the Swedish mountains and skiid, but now we stay at home. So… I need a new book, should I buy the sequel to “Slightly south…”?


  3. LOVELY hair cut – the perfect Spring pick me up! And how jealous am I that you have a Cuban restaurant? Cuba always gets knocked for bad food – but I love it. Does it sell ‘ropa vieja’? J xx


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