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Friday, January 4, 2019

Today I’m linking up for Friday Favorites with Andrea, etc.  Go here to see other favorites from the link up!  

My Favorites this week include…

I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered my winter Fab Fit Fun box for $39.99 (with a discount code). I do think I got my money’s worth but I don’t know if I will do it again.  

I got a pink wallet, a circle necklace, a face cream, a body cream, eye masks, a jade roller (I had really wanted this!), a glove and headband combo, and a light blanket. I also probably need to cancel Ipsy.  I’m just getting so many products faster than I can use them. img_4975.jpg

This week, we have gone twice to my friend H’s house to watch UK football and basketball.  Here is another Ale 8 (gingerale) slushie and bourbon.  The second time our other friend H was able to come, too.  This involved our husbands too and it was really fun.  If you are looking for some winter social time, don’t overlook watching a sporting event together!  

I made blue meringues (they turned out baby blue!) and the waffle pretzel rolo m and m treats!

They ordered Chick Fil A nuggets and I also brought a couple of appetizers.  

The next day I met my friend V for lunch and wore this.

I picked the place solely on this blush sangria with prosecco.  I tried it for the first time on my birthday in early November and have thought about it many times since then!  


My friend tried a berry beer.  It was light and refreshing.

We had nachos.


and turmeric cauliflower.  Which of these foods is not like the others?

It was so nice to catch up over lunch!  We talked non stop!  

I found a tiered tray!  Hobby Lobby has the best stuff.  Now I will have to figure out how to style it!  

I got out my bread maker that my Dad gave me as a gift before I was even married.  He had one, too, but it stopped working so I gave him a new one last Christmas.  It makes a nice loaf of bread and you can control the ingredients.  We would talk bread baking quite often.  I made this loaf in his honor. 

I took my boys to the book store and we got Blaze pizza for dinner one night.  


This week has been full of good food, good drink, and lots of friends and family time.  It has been good for me to get out and see people.  But, the healthy (healthier) eating starts Monday!  

Happy Friday to you!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have been craving nachos! I always love seeing your fun drinks too, especially that bourbon slushie. I am swearing off alcohol for awhile starting on Monday when I get back to my regular routine so this weekend is my last hurrah! Your UK treats were super cute, it is fun to get together with friends and watch sporting events. It’s an inexpensive way to socialize! How sweet that you made some bread in honor of your dear dad, I am so glad you were able to get out and have some fun over the holidays. That is just so important after the loss you experienced. As happy as I am to see 2019 in the back of my mind I keep thinking that this will be the year I lose my dad and that is hard. Ugh, one day at a time, right?
    Have a good weekend Amy!


    1. Restaurant nachos are so good! I am detoxing starting January 7, too.
      It will be much needed. Yes, I know it has helped me. How is your dad doing? You can email me if you have time. Thinking of you!


  2. You are gonna love your tiered tray! My sister and I each got one a few months ago and are having so much fun finding little things to decorate them.

    That blush sangria with prosecco sounds yummy.

    I also used your great idea about cutting my blanket scarf ‘s in half and sharing the with my sister. Thanks for that tip!


    1. I’m so glad the blanket scarf tip worked for you! I would’ve felt really bad if you hated it! I’m already finding that the tray helps me have more counter space because I can put useful things on it, too! I will be searching Pinterest each season! Happy Friday, Colleen and thanks for commenting!


  3. Happy Friday!! Such a fun week of socializing and relaxing!! Back to work and school Monday, 2 weeks off has been amazing!!! I’m back on my healthy train, wine detox too :))) Enjoy this weekend!


    1. Thank you, Noelle! Yes, 2 weeks with more time after Christmas has been really nice. I’m back on that, too. Hope I can get on board!


  4. I had to look up what a jade roller was LOL but I think I could use one too! The turmeric cauliflower actually sounded quite good. Anything from BJ’s is very delicious. I got a tiered tray for Christmas and I love mine! Happy decorating 🙂


    1. I guess I should have explained it! Haha! I just watched a tutorial on how to use it. I love cauliflower and will soon be eating lots of it because I’m cutting carbs on Monday! BJs is a new favorite for me. I’m loving the tray!
      Happy weekend!


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