Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy Friday – not that anyone cares what day of the week it is right now!  Is anyone out there?  Boy, blog land is quite quiet this week.  Since I’m a teacher I have more time right now (and I’m also procrastinating about grading the final exams I picked up at school yesterday) and in the summer to blog, but it seems like I am opposite of everyone else who has gone radio silent this week.  I don’t even think there is a Friday Favorites link up today, but I still have some favorites. Oh well, here goes me beating to my own drum.  

I talked about my Christmas here and I talked about my favorite brands here if you are just joining me this week.  

I use WordPress for my blog and my stats show that I have 4 readers from Sweden (Hi Tin-Tin!), 2 from the Ukraine, 1 from Canada and 1 from the UK – Hi Joanne!  How cool, right?  I’m going to do a post about hygge and fika soon.  I was taught about fika by my Swedish readers but I was really into hygge last winter.  You’ll have to wait on the post if you don’t know what I’m talking about!  Lol!  

I gave my husband this cozy University of Kentucky blanket but I have taken it over!  I am savoring my morning coffees and slow mornings.  Heck, I make time for this during the school weeks, too, but I just am enjoying moving even slower right now.  

So, I abandoned my Christmas themed books and this book here has surprised me in a good way.  It is a bit cheesy and would make a good Hallmark movie, but I’m enjoying it.  Pick it up if you can.  

I read about this next one on a blog and I haven’t gotten into it yet but I’m excited about the premise of the book.  I’m all about books that help you find joy and contentment.  

I took a picture of my husband and one son stretching in front of the fire.  My husband will be off until January 2 after working just Wednesday and Thursday.  

I posted about some very thoughtful friends and this was another one.  This couple that we have been friends with for 20 plus years sent us this “snack box”.  We have enjoyed it and it was something different than flowers. 

This photo popped up on Facebook from Christmas at my parents three years ago.  These two are a couple of strong and amazing women.  They are 40 and 43 and I love them so much.  We cried together but we also laughed together and we have talked every day since the funeral.  So, this photo is bittersweet because we had the whole family together and healthy, but it is also a happy photo to me because of the love I feel for them.  

By Wednesday night our bellies were full of ham and holiday leftovers so we headed out to a new restaurant.  

Onion petals with sauce

My Short yellow Hunters arrived.  I’m working on a post with my $500 Nordstrom gift card items.  I ordered several things when I first got it but then took a break and ordered a few more after Christmas during their big sale.  These boots were $75 and I have worn my full length black ones to death for the last 6 years.  I like the idea of having a bright sunny color for a rainy day.  

Where were these earrings when I was looking for black tassel earrings at the beginning of December?  These were 6.99 at Chico’s.  


I asked Santa to bring me new readers but he didn’t so I found these at Whole Foods while looking for my husband’s protein shake.  See, there are shopping opportunities everywhere!  The sides are tortoise shell.  If my contacts are in I need readers.  If my contacts are out I don’t.  Oh, the joys of aging!  

If you’ve stuck through this whole post, thank you!  This was very “stream of consciousness” today I think.  

Happy a very happy Friday, weekend, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!  I am posting soon about New Year’s Eve suggestions – I think I’m doing a Saturday post!  So, come back tomorrow if you still need some ideas.


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love that WordPress feature! I found out I have a bunch of readers from China and Singapore – who knew?! It’s so fun to watch. And yes, blog land is quiet this week, but it’s kind of nice just feeling the hush of the post-holiday season as we prepare to ring in the New Year 🙂 hope you had the best holiday!


    1. Yes, it’s so cool! You are big in China! That’s great! Yes it is nice to have the quiet and I’m going back and reading blogs I missed. Have a relaxing day Melissa!


  2. I loved Cottage by the Sea; every now and then you just need a light and easy reading book for fun. We had pot roast for Christmas and enjoyed some leftover last night but I’ll cook up a ham for New Year’s day and then we’ll be eating that for what feels like a month! LOL.


    1. I’m loving it! Pot roast sounds so good! Yes about the ham.
      Hawaiian ham and Swiss sliders and ham, corn potato chowder are on my menu for the leftover ham


  3. So cool that I am not your only British reader – CACATC is going international! BTW – are you thinking of linking up to bloglovin yet? Helps readers know when you have a new post out. Glad to hear you took the opportunity to slow down – it can only help with the huge emotional load you’ve had to deal with xx


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