Thursday, December 27, 2018

Are you picky about the brands of your clothing and accessories? 

I was recently talking to a friend who said she didn’t care about brands. I shook my head in agreement but then I had to backtrack because I DO care about brands because of quality and I always go back to my tried and true brands for my lifestyle, body type, and personal style.  As far as clothing brands as status symbols, not so much. I happen to love the Tory Burch logo design and I do like Louis Vuitton but that’s about it.

Some brands that I love and why:

Fossil – I love their watches and bags.  I don’t wear my white Fossil watch anymore because of my Apple watch but I won’t get rid of it.  I love the style and the price is great for the quality.  I have one Fossil bag right now, too. Again, the price is great for the quality.  Their style fits my style.  

Madewell – I like their transport tote.  Other than that, I don’t own anything.  

Hue – I love their leggings and jeggings.  You must look in the accessories or hosiery section of department stores, fyi.  I have 7 pairs of different leggings or jeggings and some I have had for 6 years and some came from consignment stores.  They are good quality and they wash well.  I must have things that wash well.  

Matilda Jane – I only have pants, but in the spring I plan to look at their tops for women.  Their pants are so cute and made so well.  The most I have paid is $58 and for women’s pants that really isn’t that bad.  I did get two pairs at a consignment shop.

Free People – I only have two tops but they are unique and I love them.  I have had one for 5 years.  It looks brand new

Mia Clogs – I only had one pair until Christmas but they are divine and I love them so much. The new ones are black and higher heeled so I am still debating.

Tieks – This is a tough one, but I am going to recommend them.  I got my 3 pairs (she says sheepishly) at a consignment store for $30-40 each.  It is hard to justify $200 for a pair of flats, but if you love and wear flats often, I do think they are superior quality.  

Tory Burch flats – Again, this is a tough one.  If you love the design of the logo like I do, they will last you for years.  I would just get a neutral pair and stick with just one.  

Ray Ban sunglasses – love them and I am pretty rough on them and they are durable, plus they are a classic.  The pair I’m wearing were purchased by my husband in 1997!

Yeti – love all Yeti products.  They really work.  I don’t want the imitation.  This is something I use all day everyday so it’s worth it.  I have a water cup and a coffee cup.  It’s kind of an accessory, right?

Chicos’s You all, they have some really great tops and pants.  Their quality is superb and if you can catch a sale at the end of the season it’s really affordable.  For years, I wouldn’t walk into the store because it’s where my mom and her friends shopped – gasp! Now, some of my favorite shirts are from here.  

Kendra Scott jewelry – I just can’t believe how much use I’ve gotten out of each piece. It’s what I constantly reach for. So, a necklace that cost about $70 was worn about 200 times. That’s better than a $10 necklace only worn 5 times.

LulaRoe – Here’s another controversial one.  I am only recommending their kimonos, sweater vests, and Cassie skirts.  These three items have superior quality in my opinion.  You have to be very careful because their fabrics can vary, but the fabrics that these three are made of wash and wear very well in my experience.  But, each consultant has no control over their prints.  I have bought most of mine at my consignment store for for $12 or less.  Many consultants sell to these stores when they decide to quit LLR.  

What are your go to brands?  Do you own any of the ones I’ve mentioned?  As I get older and wiser I’m learning to pay a little more for the quality and it will pay off in the end.  

Happy shopping!


16 thoughts on “Are you a brand snob?

  1. Quality and fit count, especially if it’s something that you know works for you and you will wear multiple times. Why buy a lot of cheaper items that you have to keep replacing when you could buy something that’s more expensive and keep forever? I’ve always struggled to find pants that fit right, but years ago I found a couple styles at loft and now that’s all I have. They are very expensive since laughed always runs great sales but I am definitely brand loyal to them.


    1. This is a lesson that has taken me years to learn. I am from a family of bargain hunters so I was always going with the cheapest item. Loft sales can’t be beat. I really like J Jill pants and Chico’s pants so I will be looking at their winter sales. When you look at your donate pile it really tells the story. Which items didn’t wear well? Are there patterns? Almost all of my donate piles are things that I bought just because they were cheap. Thanks for commenting, J!


  2. Hey there! Love your blog! It is so fun.. Sometimes you post pictures of your outfits and write something to the sound of “this didn’t look great” or “didn’t like these pants with this shirt” but I always think you look great! I have that Madewell bag in my cart on the Nordstrom site, and now that I see yours, I really want to order it! Thanks for all of your outfit posts and inspiration!


    1. Awww thank you Jolene! I saw that Madewell deal on, too! I got mine for $30 from a blogger who was selling it. I love black with brown and I love tote style bags. I can wear it with both black and brown and it doesn’t have any silver or gold hardware which I’m picky about. I think it will be a good purchase for you if you feel the same. Maybe I’m hard on myself about outfits so I appreciate that comment. Happy shopping! I may be a bad influence! Oops!


      1. Haha! Nah! perfect influence 😉
        Yes, I feel the same way about bags. Im a little worried about the size being a little too large for every day use, but I think I’m going to just go for it because Nordstrom has an awesome return policy. Did you see the black one with the cream/taupe colored stripe??? I’m having trouble deciding between the two. eeeek!


      2. I feel like the straps on this one are thinner than mine. It is a bit big but I like bigger totes. Yes, go ahead and order before out of stock and you can always return it. The black with tan is gorgeous. I think it depends on if you wear more black or more brown. I think both colors work year round.
        Let me know what you decide.


  3. Love Chico’s and JJill. I usually shop the sales in both stores and yesterday Chico’s had a great sale going on. Jeans were $19, a ton of necklaces for $15! I just discovered the Hue jeggings and bought two pair at Sams Club! Love them!


    1. Theresa, you have just motivated me to go to Chico’s today! If you shop their sales, it is less expensive than Target and they will last for years. I really need a new pair of jeans and some of their necklaces are gorgeous. Thanks for commenting!


  4. Most of your brands are new to me as a European, but I recognize some of them. The Tory Burch flats is actually something I splurged on a couple of years ago, and they still look brand new (really good quality). I also “invested” in a Michael Kors tote some years ago, also a great buy. Other than that I love stores like Ross and TJ max – you feel like a treasure hunter! Many American brands are really fashionable and expensive over here, so I look for bargains on Levi’s, Nike, Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren…


    1. The Tory Burch really last and look good! Mine are 6 years old I think! I can’t believe you have Ross and TJ Maxx! Do you have second hand stores? I find great stuff there. I gave you a shout out in today’s post which just went out!


      1. Hi hi, yeah I saw that [embarrassed…]. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, no we don’t have those shops here, I mean when I’m in the states! lol


      2. Oh ok! Yes, they are great for hunting bargains. I didn’t mean to embarrass you! Oops! Have a great day!


      3. Embarrassed and proud! 😀 Not everyday you get a shout out in a fantastic American lifestyle blog (read ‘never’)!


  5. Hey Amy – I think caring about quality is a good thing – for your wallet and the environment. Buy once buy right! I’d rather invest in a handful of higher quality items that will last and stand the test of time than throwaway fashion – it’s just not ethical, and a poor investment. I simply don’t buy into the ever changing fashion con 😉 J xx


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