Wednesday, December 26, 2018

I’m mixing up my blog routine this week but that’s okay because I hardly know what day it is!  Are you like that, too, when on vacation?  Hub heads back to work for the next two days but then is off until January 2. 

So, let me get you up to speed.  My Dad passed on December 18.  We had the visitation on December 20 and the funeral on December 21.  I helped my mom with some things on December 22.  On December 23, hub and I finished our shopping for our immediate family and then it was Christmas Eve.  I had done plenty of online shopping so I was not in bad shape.  

Christmas Eve morning I got up and out early to wait in line for almost an hour for a ham!  Yes, I am embarrassed to admit this.  After that, I headed to Trader Joe’s in the same shopping center. The rest of the day I wrapped and wrapped.  But, I had two special deliveries come to my door that I will tell you about in a minute.  At 4:30, we went to church and then came home and ate dinner and opened Christmas pjs and played our new Christmas Eve game “What do you meme?”  I thought it was really fun.  One son was a good sport and the other thought it was “cringe-worthy” in his words. 

Christmas morning came and we started opening presents around 8.  Both days were just the four of us and you know what, I think it was just what we all needed.  We hadn’t been home much and we hadn’t been just the four of us much.  Yes, I was sad and had many “moments”, but I also felt the love and was thankful for my many blessings.  

Here is one special delivery.  Frozen soup plus a bottle of bourbon cream for my coffee. These friends came to the funeral but also wanted to bring me these comforting things.  I was so touched.  

The next delivery made me speechless and I’m rarely without words.  My friend had taken a picture of this photo of my dad from the funeral display, printed it out, and made it into an ornament.  She also brought me the Anthropologie Capri Blue Fir and Firewood votive candle set.  How special is this?  This was my favorite photo and my Dad always told us he looked like Tom Cruise, which he didn’t, but he thought it was funny.

This is what I wore to the Eve service.  This was the exact outfit I wore to the visitation except with my burgundy velvet top.  My little nieces told me my pants and shoes looked like they were from the 1800s!  Ha!

We sat in the balcony again this year.  I teared up several times because my Dad loved church and Christmas music.  

I decided to save my pasta plans and do this simple meal after church.

See that crust?  That’s what I stood in line for.

We got this for our family and played it.  Hub and I really liked it and the boys made fun of it.  It is a mature game.  There is a separate extra mature pack of cards.  It will make your eyeballs bleed.  They are DIRTY.  Hub and I read them after the boys left the room.

Annual p.j. pants.  One got moose pants and he called them “meese fleece” and the other got camping pants and he called them “trailer park pants”.  

Tolerating the game.

Christmas morning egg casserole and mimosa

One son made me muffins for Christmas and the other made me blog graphics and the promise to help me with my blog!  I was touched by both gifts because they were just sweet simple things.  Here is a blog graphic he made. Isn’t that cute?

C+C@C Summer

Hub gave me these clogs that are like my beloved MIA Sofias but a little bit higher – these are the Abbas.  I will test them out some more to see if they are too high.  He also gave me a massage gift certificate.  So, I called my gift “Swedish clogs and a Swedish massage”.  It was very thoughtful.  We are not regular massage people around here.

One of hub’s gifts from me was this charcuterie board.  He loves saying that word and eating it.  I made him this for Christmas Day lunch.

I had a spiked hot chocolate.  It was so decadent!

The whole fam watched Die Hard and we had a fire.  It was so nice.  

We just snacked around during the movie and for dinner.  Hub had to go to bed early for work but it was a really nice and simple Christmas and just what we needed.  We will see hub’s side of the family on December 30 due to their travel schedule and my family on New Year’s Eve day because my mom wanted us to gather again then and not do our normal traditions.  

How about yours?  

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Our Christmas

  1. Wow Amy, I am in awe of you. You are so strong and I admire the way you did Christmas. I think it was smart to be with your family of 4 and the gifts that were delivered to you were so sweet. That ornament of your dad, wow! You must keep that out all year, how thoughtful of your friend. The game sounds like fun but my boys would be doing the same thing, rolling their eye and doing it to make me happy. The gifts from your boys were so sweet too. I love the graphic and how nice that your son will help you. The new clogs look great too. We had a really nice holiday and now we have projects to do – boo! Have a great rest of the week, I hope you get a chance to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate!


    1. Well gosh thank you! I don’t think I am. Yes, I do want to keep it out all year. All of my gifts were so sweet. And no returns this year! How nice is that? I should have projects but have no energy. I did go to school today to get my finals to start grading.
      I hope you also have plenty of down time!
      Thanks Kellyann!


    1. Thank you! Have you seen my brown ones? They are about a 1.5 inch heel and I can wear them for 13 hours. How do I know? I’ve done it!


  2. Gosh the thoughtful food delivery from your friends was really touching! And the little design your son did for your blog – that really nearly teared me up! Your Christmas sounded lovely – and the ham was certainly worth the one hour wait (when you said that it made me think of Christmas with the Cranks). Your fire looked so cosy too! J xx


    1. Haha! The ham line was reminiscent of Christmas with the Cranks! I have the most thoughtful friends and it really made me want to be more thoughtful in the future. The blog designs touched me beyond belief.


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