Monday, December 3, 2018

Can you even believe it’s December already?  I am linking up with My Glittery Heart, Lindsay’s Sweet World, and The Sirois Family today for their Hello Monday linkup.

My Friday started off with a bang.  I opened my email before I read Mix and Match Mama blog or Sheaffer Told Me To blog and it said I had one one of their rafflecopter giveaways from the week!  I was so shocked I couldn’t even believe it!  I picked Nordstrom because of their quality and wide range of things for women and men, makeup, shoes, accessories, and I plan to use some for Christmas gifts – of which I have not started buying, by the way!

I had to take a screenshot of their blog with my name on it!


Friday was a good day at school and after school I had a teacher happy hour that was good for me.  I made dinner and then went to the hospital for a bit.

Saturday morning was rainy as I went to the hospital early with the new Starbuck’s juniper latte.  How weird, right?  It smells like a Christmas tree but I really liked it.  Has anyone tried it?  I’m sorry I can’t really describe it.  My mom gave me a gift card to Starbuck’s for helping her and I was happy to use it for the first time.  

This is the scary parking garage curve in the rain.  Lol!

I got to attend my school’s annual craft fair for a bit.

I finished this – couldn’t put it down and it’s obvious that there will be a sequel!

I had a much needed pedicure and I got a mani with just a cut down and polish.

It was a restful weekend with just home and hospital.

Hope you have a great Monday and thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I was so excited to see that you won the giveaway!!! How awesome! I need a pedicure so badly and really could use a manicure too, maybe this weekend. Hope your dad is improving my friend. It was so hot here yesterday – 91 degrees and miserable. Why can’t it just be 65 degrees all the time???
    Have a good Monday Amy!


    1. Thank you! Yes, get a pedicure if temp is 91! You will have to bare those piggies! I actually wore flip flops with 60 degrees on Sunday! Have a wonderful Monday! I think you will!


    1. Thank you! I was just shocked! It was so good and now I’m sad I finished. I bet it will be like the Winter Street trilogy! Now I want to go to St. John!


  2. Amy I’m so glad you won!! I saw your name, and thought that would be an awesome blessing if it’s her!! Enjoy!! I’m going to check out that book today, I need a good book for the holiday season! Happy Monday and keep looking up!! :))


  3. I was wondering if that was you that won! What a blessing! How much fun is that going to be? Congratulations. Thanks for the book rec. Happy Monday!


  4. Congrats on the giveaway, $500 at Nordstrom, what a splurge!
    I got a mani on Saturday and told my husband “I’m not really a waitress “ because that is my favorite OPI red for the holidays, he thinks I’m a little kooky.
    The barista was telling me about the juniper latte the other day, I’m going to try it next time I go.
    Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! I love that color – so classic! My husband would say the same. Try it and let me know what you think! Happy Monday!


  5. Congrats on the giveaway win! Let us know what you get!

    The juniper drink sounds less than appealing. Bath and Body Works used to do juniper scents (maybe they still do) and it was not good.


    1. Thank you! Will do! I know the drink sounds gross but I liked it! Lol!
      I like the Christmas tree smelling candles because we have an artificial tree.
      Have a great week! I read your post but Disqus takes me too long. W is so cute!


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