Friday, November 30, 2018

O.k., I have a few random things for you today, but first I feel like it’s a miracle I have made it through the week! I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites. 

These are the black velvet/velour Matilda Jane pants that I wore on Wednesday.  It was maybe a bit too festive for work on a Wednesday, but hey I was comfortable and wanted to try out the pants!

Did you read my Thursday post on struggling through a difficult time?  My husband helped me pick up my mom Wednesday night but first we stopped for a quick dinner and we visited my dad.  It was a nice treat.  I can’t remember the last time we ate at a restaurant just the two of us.  

Have you tried Vietnamese pho?  If you are local, try this place!  It has great food, atmosphere and isn’t too pricey.  

Above is the pho which is like a soup with noodles and below are our pork spring rolls.  

We also got a pork noodle bowl.  We shared everything and brought leftovers home.  

My husband also did a Costco run for us this week and this is our favorite salad.  

My sweet friend B brought over spaghetti, salad, breadsticks, and these delicious cookies for our dinner. 

What are your faves this week?  Any fun weekend plans?  I am hoping to get a much needed pedicure and visit my high school’s art and craft fair.  My boys have haircuts and we will be spending time with my dad at the hospital.  My mom is finally taking a break and we are so happy that she will recharge her batteries.  

Happy, happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have been wanting to try that salad from Costco. It looks delicious! I haven’t really had Vietnamese food before. Your dinner looks delicious and I’m glad you and your mom were able to have some time together. Continuing prayers for your dad


  2. That salad from Costco is one of our favorites too! We get it a lot during the summer and have it for dinner. So good! I am glad you got some one on one time with your man too. I hope you can find some time to relax this weekend as well. Oh and I love Wednesday’s outfit!


  3. You look totally cute in your festive outfit!! I think being festive at work is great! I’m always buying clothes and waiting to wear them somewhere “special”! Have a great weekend and just stay present in each moment!


  4. You velvet top and MJ pants are adorable and why not look festive at school? I bet the kids are all excited, I remember those days so well. How sweet of your friend to bring y’all dinner – those cookies look sooooo good. I’m a sucker for anything with chocolate and salt. I hope you have a great weekend and that your dad is doing well and getting ready to come home soon – continued prayers my friend!


  5. I love your Wednesday outfit, is the top from Old Navy? So nice of your friend to bring over spaghetti dinner, what a thoughtful thing to do. I’ve been wanting to try pho forever, I must do it soon, someone told me it is very good for colds. I’m getting a manicure this afternoon and then on Sunday we’re are going to see Andrea Bocelli here in Phoenix. I think it will really get me in the holiday mood and I just love his voice!
    Have a good weekend and I hope you get some quiet time to yourself.


    1. Thank you Nancy! No, it’s from JCPenney last year and is Liz Claiborne brand. It was so nice of her. Pho isn’t my favorite but I did like it. I need a mani so bad! I love Andrea Bocelli and the song Por Ti Volare”. Have a great weekend!


  6. We love pho. It’s the only thing we regularly go out for just because it’s always a million times better than what I could make at home.


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